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  1. Hey, insertbrackets! I'll send you a pm. I'm feeling good about my decision!
  2. Congrats, Timshel! So funny--I just accepted my offer to UGA! @JeremiahParadise - thanks for letting me know. That is great information--exactly the kind I was hoping to hear!
  3. Yeah - I know what you mean. And I'm not sure how negotiable they are...
  4. Thanks, Timshel--that makes me feel much better. I'm 19th c. British, too.
  5. I think the standard package is a 1-1 teaching load, $10,700 stipend. I guess that Gainesville has a pretty low cost of living...
  6. I was accepted off the wait list yesterday. I was also "near the top" of the list. I may decline, though. I hope to decide very soon.
  7. I declined an offer from LSU yesterday--I hope the offer goes to a gc'er. I was prepared to accept an offer to UGA, but now I'm panicking. I rarely hear anything about UGA, which is making me anxious. Does anyone have anything to share about UGA? I've spent a lot of time on the website and talked with faculty and students, but now I have the fear that I'm missing something? I was also accepted at the University of Florida off of the wait list yesterday, so that has complicated things, too. UF has a 1-1 teaching load; UGA is 1-2. However, UGA is offering a much better stipend, and they are
  8. I got a call from the DGS at around 6:30 EST. Sorry - I don't have any information on numbers accepted or how many she called today. My subfield is 19th c. Brit. Good luck!
  9. Just checking and hoping it was OH (for Lolopixie).
  10. Was your friend definitely wait listed at U of Miami (Miami, FL)? I know several Miami U (Oxford, OH) results were posted recently. I believe Lolopixie is referring to FL Miami.
  11. Yes. I know someone who was wait listed for funding at UNCG and ended up getting it (last year). Good luck!
  12. Of course! And I'm invisible...like the mistral.
  13. I'm not sure what lolopixie looks like either, but I'm pretty sure she has great penmanship:)
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