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  1. Oh noes! A glorified blogger from slate.com thinks I'm silly and misinformed because I use this site! Whatever shall I do? How can I go on? ANXIETY!
  2. Moving my cat with me is Ground Zero for anxiety in the whole process for me. My situation is complicated because I'm spendIng the summer months out west, and then doing an EPIC cross-continental road trip to Durham, while my stuff from Toronto is being shipped to NC....and figuring out the least traumatic way to get Stephen D. (my fuzzball) to end up safe and sound and still loving me in Durham is proving to be a nightmare.....and most likely incredibly expensive.
  3. This is the greatest episode of television ever produced. God bless you, Elizabeth Berkley.
  4. Is anyone aware of or had good experiences with relocation companies in the area? Due to financial reasons, it is pretty unlikely that I am going to be able to do a recon visit in advance of moving, and am looking into the possibility of hiring someone to find me a place to live. Any suggestions, positive or negative, are greatly appreciated!
  5. I have the "and your very flesh" quote tattooed on my left side ribs. I'm not really a Whitman person, but I had a dance career before I started this whole academia thing, and that quote so perfectly encapsulated what dance and performance was about for me that I had to have it on me permanently. It is my favourite tattoo. For my next one, I am torn between a certain Donne quite and a certain Milton one....I'm leaning towards Donne (since it is incredibly applicable to where I'm at right now) and saving the Milton for when I have my PhD in hand.
  6. I keep wondering when, exactly, the happy/joyful/excited/drunken stage of this process comes in...I seem to simply be moving from one level of abject stress-ball to another. First, applying made me crazy, then waiting drove me bonkers, next I went nuts freaking out about campus visits, after that I was absolutely frazzled by making a choice, and now I am massively stressed out about the realities of picking up my life and moving to another country. When does the fun bit start? I'm ready for it...
  7. Yay! Some PM chats between us may be in order in the near future!
  8. I wanted to pop in and echo what a number of other people have said about the GRE: do what you can to get your best possible score, but when it comes down to matters of prioritizing (i.e. should I spend my two free hours tonight studying for the GRE, or should I use those two hours to work on a paper for class that will contribute to my GPA and might eventually inform my SOP or writing sample), the GRE should, in my opinion, always be the lowest priority. Anecdata: Applying to grad school was a VERY last minute decision for me (I hadn't seriously considered it until November of my app cycle y
  9. I imagine the dudes at customs are getting a good chuckle by holding mine up. I probably won't see my official H-jection until June...2013. I heart Canada Post .
  10. I have suddenly lost the ability to write/complete papers. This does not bode well.

  11. I have suddenly lost the ability to write/complete papers. This does not bode well.

  12. Anecdata: I gather that the Div Schools at both Duke and Chicago allow (and possibly encourage) student crossover with relevant grad courses in Lit or English, and faculty cross-postings aren't unheard of, either. I imagine this is the case at most major Universities where Div schools exist. I agree with Stately, though, that getting an English or Lit PhD is an awfully enormous commitment of time, effort, and money with little practical payoff if you don't intend to stay within academia. Especially since you have plans to pursue ordination in the near future, are you sure you want to be del
  13. Don't do the York commute, if you can possibly avoid it. Not to be melodramatic or anything, but it will ruin your life. For realz.
  14. Loving the new signature, Trip. If I were hip enough, and possessed a less-embarrassing knowledge of music, I would totes copy you.
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