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  1. Have you considered working in DC and going to GW part-time? The people at GW that I've talked to have said that it's very easy administratively to shift between being a full-time and a part-time student. Given GW's flexibility, it might be worthwhile to try to study at GW and then pursue jobs in DC, as opposed to in Europe, where you say it's hard to find a job with just a bachelor's. The downside of going part-time is that you would graduate in 3 years instead of 2, which means extra tuition, but you would presmably be making some of it up with your work income. There would be some additi
  2. Online confirmation sent and deposit ready to mail on Monday! (I don't know why they don't accept online payments...)
  3. Previous Schools (Name, type, or tier): Top 40 liberal arts college Previous Degrees and GPAs: B.A. French Language & Literature, 3.80 GRE Scores (Verbal/Quantitative/Analytical Writing): 167/163/4.0 Previous Work Experience (Years, Type): Straight out of undergrad; 1 year interning and tutoring during undergrad Math/Econ Background: Micro and macroecon (B, B+) Foreign Language Background (if applicable to your program): French, Mandarin Intended Field of Study in Grad School: International organizations, conflict resolution, human rights Long Term Professional Goals: US govt., inte
  4. I don't want to call it early, but all signs are pointing towards GW for me. I've gotten a little bit better funding from a couple lower-ranked, non-DC schools, but I'm thinking that it might be worth paying more for GW's location and generally strong reputation. I also won't be able to attend the open house, unfortunately. I would be in the International Affairs program, so I don't know how much overlap we would have in terms of classes, but I'm always happy to make a new friend!
  5. This is what I got. I'm having trouble figuring how this stacks up financially to other offers I've gotten from 2-year programs. Also, I'm a little confused as to what happens during the 3rd semester, when we're supposed to be on our "global" program. I'm assuming that since we won't be on campus, we'll lose the assistantship part of the deal, but hopefully they'll let us up keep the scholarship portion?
  6. I have a similar question regarding parents and events for admitted students. The town where my school is located is not near any major cities, and I will be unable to attend any open houses, alumni meet-up events etc. Incidentally though, one of the schools where I was accepted has invited me to attend an event in my hometown where there will be faculty and alumni. As I said, I won't be able to make it back for the event, but upon finding out about it, my parents have volunteered to go in my place. I think this a little weird, but my mother insists that they will just be there to "listen." Ob
  7. For people still waiting for fellowship info, I just got an email from IR/PS directing me to the Grad Apply website. No money for me, but I'm not super disappointed as I'm in-state and it's not one of my top choices. Good luck everyone!
  8. This won't be particularly helpful, but I've been told by someone in the Admissions Office is that they are indeed making funding decisions this week and next. Here's to hearing back sooner rather than later!
  9. Just received all of my decisions as well! This will probably be of particular use to those applying just out of undergrad. *** Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): IR Schools Applied To: American SIS, George Washington ESIA, Georgetown SFS, Seton Hall Whitehead, Syracuse Maxwell, Tufts Fletcher, UCSD IR/PS, University of Denver Korbel Schools Admitted To: American, George Washington, Seton Hall, Syracuse, UCSD, University of Denver Schools Rejected From: Georgetown, Tufts Still Waiting: none Undergraduate institution: Top 40 liberal arts college Undergraduate GPA: 3.80 (at time
  10. Heard back from 2 schools today, which means all decisions are in! Here are the final results: Accepted: American, George Washington (10k/year), Seton Hall, Syracuse, UCSD IR/PS, University of Denver (18k/year) Rejected: Georgetown, Tufts While I haven't heard back about financial aid from a few schools yet, just looking at my acceptances has got me over the moon. I know it's not super impressive compared to a lot of the other posters in this forum, but I feel like I've done about as well as I could. As a someone from a humanities background coming straight out of undergrad, I didn't ha
  11. While I'm hoping they'll notify us soon, I'm also not holding my breath. Looking at results to other schools though, it seems like many people here have a good chance at admission and funding.
  12. Congratulations! I hope this doesn't make me sound like a creeper, but I've come across some of your posts in the Government Affairs forum, and I'm glad to hear that everything has worked out for you. While I'm sad to lose solidarity (as, from what I can tell, we were two of the few people to apply to Whitehead), it's a relief to know that at least someone is winning in what seems like the giant ratrace of MPA/MPP/IR applicants.
  13. Congratulations! I talked with a very nice person in the admissions office at Maxwell who confirmed that acceptances are awarded on a rolling basis, with committee review beginning this week. If I may ask, when did you submit your application? I sent my application in before the deadline as well, so it would be nice to know when to expect an email for them. Most other schools I have applied to (including Korbel and Elliott) have stated that they won't notify us till March, but it would be a relief to (hopefully) have an acceptance in hand before then.
  14. Hey all! I had a question related to the OP regarding SoP prompts which suggest word counts "about" or "around" a certain number. If the prompt says "about 500 words," for example, would it be appropriate to have it be closer to 600? Most of the have schools I'm applying have a variety of recommendations (about 500, 500-750, 600-800), and I would very much like to use the same basic essay for all of them (with appropriate modifications, of course). I was just wondering how flexible schools are when there isn't a discrete word limit.
  15. Does anyone have an idea if this system could be applied to scholarships as well? Some schools' websites are fairly explicit about funding policies, but many others are not. While I know loans are pretty much a given in my case, I don't think I could swing the sticker price of a lot of these programs without some additional help. I realize I'm at a disadvantage coming straight out of undergrad, but I feel like, with my GPA/GRE score/SoP/recommendations/etc., I'm otherwise fairly qualified. It would be nice to have a rough idea of how much financial aid to expect before putting the time, effort
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