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  1. Has anyone still not gotten their Harvard letter? I am afraid they have forgotten me and I will be deprived of my Harvard stationary
  2. Just an automated email from the website with a form rejection. It IS like playing the lottery; it makes no sense.
  3. Got my rejection just now...I guess the waiting was for naught.
  4. I still haven't heard back...It looks like I'll probably get the website rejection today.
  5. Hi Coffee Curls1! I am a Victorianist, and recently got an offer from Indiana--Bloomington that I will definitely be turning down. I am currently waitlisted for a first-year funding package, and was guaranteed a TAship after that for five years. Hopefully my spot goes to you! I haven't officially turned down the offer, but I will soon.
  6. I emailed too! And I've heard nothing.
  7. Crazy! I didn't receive anything and I even emailed Gordan Braden this afternoon to inquire about my status. I am assuming that I will be rejected soon, because it seems that the hold-up was probably for the MA.
  8. Hey all, I just received an email accepting me to the PhD program with the info that I am wait-listed for a first-year fellowship. So it looks like they are still sending out acceptances. Good luck to all!
  9. ....wait, has there really only been one reported acceptance for UVA on the results board? Or am I missing something?
  10. While I have written off the rest of the schools I have not heard from as implicit rejections, it occurred to me today that there are still seven schools from which I have not officially heard. Seven! That's a lot. Half of the schools I applied to. All of these schools have sent out acceptances, however, and some have even sent out some rejections (which I very likely could receive soon). I think a lot of us are in this strange boat, it seems. Do we think a lot of schools have "unofficial waitlists" and they wait to reject the rest of applicants until they've heard back from the first batch th
  11. Haha, worry not Trip Willis, I am a 19th century person, so you need not recuse yourself.
  12. Is anyone else feeling totally at a loss for how to decide between programs? At the moment, I am leaning towards Rutgers, because they gave me a superior financial package. Does anyone have any general advice for how much to 'follow the money'? I really like all the programs I've been accepted into and there's not one I like wildly over the others.
  13. I am right there with you, Trip Willis. I'll let myself hope for the rest of the afternoon, but then I am going to put a stop to the nonsense.
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