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  1. I went to the pre orientation, which seemed a bit scattered. I've figured out ESims and registered for classes, but have NO idea how to log into my email address. During pre-orientation they said it was through cunyportal, but I don't see it. Has anyone logged into email after registering for classes?
  2. I got the email from Professor Mizradi this afternoon and will be attending the meeting/information COP&D informational session on April 26!
  3. I don't think loans will be disbursed until a couple of weeks before the fall semester starts (at least that is my understanding about how loan disbursement works in other graduate programs). I think starting a conversation with them at the end of April is a great idea. I'm sure they will have more information coming out later this spring/summer about financial aid anyway, but it doesn't hurt to start speaking with them early. I submitted my deposit and field application forms on March 27 -- the check still hasn't been cashed and I haven't received any confirmation that they’ve received
  4. If you're planning to be licensed as a clinical social worker (LCSW), in New York State, you need 12 hours of clinical courses - this is in addition to at least 3 years of post MSW supervised experience. I realize you can probably take the courses after receiving your MSW degree if you weren't in a clinical concentration, and therefore didn't fulfill this requirement. I was wondering, specifically, if anyone knew if it is possible to fulfill the clinical coursework requirement within Hunter's COPD concentration? This recently came up when I spoke with a friend attending Columbia; she hig
  5. I suggest calling NYU and Smith to see if they'll give you a couple of extra weeks to put your deposit down. I was in a similar position - my NYU deposit was due a couple of days after my Hunter interview. NYU granted me 2 additional weeks to put my deposit down. Also, during the interview, Hunter will say that it may take up to 4 weeks for you to hear a decision. I heard back 2 days later, so don't think that you'll have to wait another month!
  6. Just found out that I was accepted into Hunter's 2 year program (CODP concentration)! I interviewed on 3/12, so you don't actually need to wait that long after interviews (thankfully)!
  7. For those accepted into Hunter's program, about how long after the interview does it take to hear back? I know the said up to 3 weeks, but that seems like such a long time! Also, does the final decision come in the mail or email? Thanks!
  8. I think my question was worded poorly - sorry. I know 35% is the acceptance rate, but what is acceptance rate after going through the interview? Are you more or less likely to get in after the interview? What is admissions really looking for at that point? Thanks for all the input/help.
  9. Does anyone know the percentage of students who are accepted after the Hunter interview? I've looked online, but there doesn't seem to be something they've published or something available on grad school forums. Thanks!
  10. Has anyone applied to the Community Organizing, Planning and Development curriculum at Hunter? I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are on a non-clinical curriculum. Also, from current MSW students, I've heard that it's important to fulfill requirements for potentially taking the LCSW exam in the future. I know in New York State you need 12 hours of clinical coursework in order to site for the LCSW exam. Hunter's website isn't terribly informative regarding hours/courses for any of their curriculums. Does anyone know if all programs have 12 clinical hours or how you fit in that coursew
  11. I also heard from NYU today - did you have financial information in the acceptance letter or was that under separate cover? I haven't seen any information about scholarship/financials.
  12. Thanks for your help, Arcoventry! Yes, the admissions director was extremely eccentric! I have an interview at Hunter next week, and haven't heard from NYU yet. I see you are also waiting to hear from NYU - when did you apply?? I hope to hear soon!
  13. I have my interview on March 13! Looking forward to it - how have other people prepared?
  14. I realize this program is often overshadowed by Hunter, Columbia, and NYU, but does anyone have thoughts on their program? I was accepted into their program (clinical concentration) and will be attending their accepted students session this week. I haven't found many posts on grad school forums, or any information outside their website. Would love to hear more about their program from other people on this site. Thanks.
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