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  1. Knowing the options, where are you going? I am going to Columbia!
  2. Just letting letting people know that Columbia required a $400 deposit March 3rd
  3. I am also going to Columbia and am from Long Island. I will be dorming (hopefully) I also had problems with the website
  4. I got money from Columbia 3.3 gpa sociology, ( I am a senior in college ) No experience other than volunteering at a shelter
  5. I got an 11,000 scholarship to columbia and a 3400 workstudy
  6. I applied 1/5 and heard back 2/3
  7. I know! It was more than excepted! I am so excited to make new friends at columbia!
  8. I am thinking about doing the jts too! ahhh so excited!
  9. they have not contacted me at all, when I tried to call they did not pick up
  10. I havent heard back yet at all. they didn't not contact me at all
  11. Okay, so I know I sound really lame but when is the right time to add what msw program we're going to? I am just so excited haha
  12. let me know how it goes, since I am from LI it would be ok to go into Manhattan but I go to school in MA. Also do you think I should submit an email, or call on the phone?
  13. I am wondering if I should ask for more money from Columbia, I only got 9.5k, How could I ask politely?
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