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  1. I'm sorry it took a while to respond. I turned in my application at the end of October of last year.
  2. I originally thought that Long Beach rejected my application so I was completely surprised when I received a message from them this evening! They offered me a seat with the 3-year Older Adults and Families concentration. I'm going to decline their offer because I like Dominguez Hills' Community Mental Health specialization more. Hopefully one of you will take my seat!
  3. What concentration did you pick for Dominguez Hills? I got accepted too and will be going there this fall. I picked the community mental health specialization. - Eileen
  4. I applied to CSUDH, CSULA, and CSULB. I turned in my applications for all three programs mid-October. CSUDH offered admission in December and I accepted. Recently I received a rejection letter from CSULB. I haven't heard from CSULA yet. I'm really excited for CSUDH's mental health concentration. I know MSW BOUND has also accepted admission there. We will be in the same cohort. Anyone else apply to CSUDH? Cheers, Eileen
  5. Hi everyone, I just submitted my Fall 2012 applications to CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Long Beach, and CSU Los Angeles. I mailed out my applications mid-January of last year for the Fall 2011 semester and was wait listed. I didn't want the same outcome so I turned mine in early this year (two weeks after they opened the filing period). Has anyone turned in their applications? I really hope I get in this time around. Also, how long does it usually take to find out the results? - Eileen
  6. Hi Lisbeth, I plan on turning my applications in tomorrow and Tuesday at the latest. I applied to the same programs last year but was waitlisted and never got off of it. Hopefully I'll get in this time around. I have more experience in the mental health field than when I turned in my applications last year (I now work at a mental health agency) so hopefully that will help. I revised my personal statement and got a stronger letter of recommendation too. I really want to get in. Good luck to us! - Eileen
  7. Hi there, Have you considered Cal State Dominguez Hills' MSW program? They have a Community Capacity Building concentration that focuses on the administrative aspect of social work. Here's the link: http://csudh.edu/cps.../curriculum.htm The price of the program is similar (if not the same) as Cal State Long Beach. CSUDH also offers multiple stipends and scholarships. It is in Carson, CA which is not far from Long Beach at all. Hope that helps! - Eileen
  8. Considering that it has taken this long, do you think that I still have a chance? I figured that if they flat-out rejected me I would have heard from them sooner.
  9. I still haven't heard back from CSULB. I called yesterday and they told me that it is still under review. It's been 13 weeks and they said it could take as long as 15 weeks to receive a reply.
  10. It took roughly around 2 months to hear back from CSUDH and CSULA.
  11. Hi Lalina, Do you think I still have a chance even though it's been this long? I called the department and they said I should find out by the end of this month. I really hope I get in. - Eileen
  12. The deadline was February 15th for CSULA and March 1st for CSULB.
  13. Hi, When did you submit your application to CSULB? I submitted mine in January and still no word.
  14. Hi everyone, I submitted applications for CSULA, CSULB and CSUDH in January. The things from CSULA that I have right now are emails confirming that the university has received my application, letters regarding financial aid as well as information on how to log in the student center. I called the department and once a man said that since my application was submitted in January that I should hear back sometime in May. However, I called a separate time and a lady informed me that I should hear back later this month or early next month. I keep checking the website on any status changes but
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