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  1. Well, people told me that I should go to graduate school because of the economy. And that i could have something to fall back on if i don't sell. I would rather get a job and work my ass off trying to contact galleries and promote my work...but I want to be realistic. I was thinking about applying to the usual art schools: Pratt, Parsons, Tyler etc...but i would be so much in debt when i graduate.
  2. I have a 2.2 gpa and i was wondering should i even waste my money applying to graduate school. My undergraduate professors encourage me to apply, but the application fees are going to add up. Most professors say it would be a crime for me not to go to grad. I hated undergraduate because i focused on my artistic courses and i would stay in the studio for hours, hence the sucky gpa. I would like for my focus to be painting and ceramics. In terms of art, i have over a 3.0 within my major. I've entered my paintings into competitions and I've won awards in my state, so i was thinking maybe that would look good on my cv. If i decide to go, i want to use public transportation so i was thinking a big city....but i have student loans and housing is ridiculous in NYC. Or even any school that seems as if it would "fit" with my work. Well here's my portfolio, take a look and let me know if you think i should, at least, try. http://ttportfolio.tumblr.com
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