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    look it up: https://engineering.purdue.edu/AAE/Acad ... gradfinaid I am on a Fulbright, so I applied to one school only.
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    Hey Matteo, you may find a similar profile of mine in the "applicants of 2009" thread in the engineering section. Did you convert your GPA? I wouldn't do that, I don't know about Italy, but the grading especially the "philosophy" of grading is in the very different in the US , compared to Germany. I always think that this is very hard, but I tried: Chances: Embry Riddle Purdue (no funding for Masters) Texas A&M Virginia Tech (I can tell you more this coming fall) Matches: Minnesota Twin Cities Case Western Illinois Tech Safeties Missouri S&T West Virginia
  3. well as far as international (esp. European) applicants are concerned I found a very nice study by the IEE (mostly about the acceptance of the Bologna Process) (http://www.iie.org/Content/NavigationMe ... er2009.pdf) One nice part, applicable to this thread was this:
  4. well as you mentioned one has to be realistic, the job marked for tenure position in the social sciences is really competitive. (I think that is part because there are a lot more women than in the engineering disciplines - where I come from - and also because this job market in general pays less). You should discuss it whith your partner in depth but in my opinion she is right with her doubt. It might be different if you were 33 y/o without debt but with debt it is probably almost impossible. You don't only have to pay your debt/interest, you also have to start thinking about your social security after retirement as well as the possibilty of getting children (expensive). Just run the numbers. A good school with good funding would possibly be a first step towards solving this dilema - especially if you really want to get on the tenure track.
  5. Didn't they tell you anything? About te decision? Good luck!
  6. Haha, I know what you mean, I am moving to the US for my Masters. Since I am from Europe the only things I will bring are my books, clothes, computer and my camera. Any international student will face similar problems and I'd almost go that far and say any student moving more than 300 miles will be in a similar situation. Just see it as the adventure it is. About the academic stuff I don't worry about in the moment, I am in grad school right now, it can't get worse (I am working week-ends and hollydays....) I second the suggestion of making list, especially a time table is very good - for example I have to submit homework on monday and a presentation for an international conference on wednesday - no reason to worry about anything else than that
  7. because April the 15th is the deadline for studentes with funded offers - the first round of admitts. So if somebody rejects the offer, they will offer it to their pool of qualified applicants (which probably weren't as qualified as the first round)....Since some people wait pretty long to decline the offers, some admitts will be pretty late. This is especially true for programs that only accepts funded students.
  8. lol - guys, that's what I am thinking all the time. I am glad somebody spoke it out. It is not called theUNDERgradcafe...
  9. Why do you think so? This certainly depends on the area you want to pursue research in. If they publish a lot they won't have securtity restrictions, maybe you just applied to the wrong schools. But you are right many fields are also covered my the ME departments so this is an advice to take into account.
  10. I second the "Barrons" - it is a good book -especially the practice CD.
  11. University of Rhode Island also has a July deadline. I seriously would call the addmission people and talk to them, maybe it is possible to enroll as a non-degree seeking first (first semester) and switchto degree seeking, that might enhance your initial chance. e: oh I forgot, spring addmission is not recommend by most school, but very often possible.
  12. Sorry but you are way to unspecific. We don't know where you come from, what you want to do with your degree (final degree, or progess to a phd) and honestly I expect a college graduate to at least weigh the options. I mean you selected the schools and applied there ... Good luck with your desicion.
  13. The truth is this is a moral choice which only you will be able to make. There are a few other threads about such a dilema, but personally I would go to the place that wanted me in the first time.
  14. Undergrad Institution: University of Applied Sciences - Germany Major(s): Mechanical Engineering Overall GPA: not comparable Length of Degree: 3 years of Bachelor's + thesis (best grade possible) +1 year of graduate school Position in Class: not ranked, top 10% Type of Student: International, male GRE: Math: 780 Verbal: 380 AWA: 3.0 - I know this sucks, but really I don't know why it is that low - I tried to compensate with a writing sample Toefl: Listening: 29 Reading: 29 Speaking: 23 Writing: 28 109 out of 120 Research Experience: thesis, acknowledgement in one paper (should have been co-author by the amount of work done), one international conference presentation coming this May, Research Assistant Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Fulbright Scholarship study abroad Studied abroad one semester at a top 50ish US University, maintained a GPA of 3.75 there - taking 4 classes. I took three classes in my major, and one history class, in which I was ranked 3 out of 70 participants. (no chance to get credit for at my home instituiton - shows commitment) LOR two good ones, third I don't know Applied to: Virginia Tech - Accepted
  15. well I do not know what you mean by "regional state universities" but there are quite a few universities with late deadlines. Ohio State(1.June), SUNY at Buffalo(15.May), Syracuse(1.July) just to name a few (depending on the departement). But the thing is, I don't know how good chances are to apply that late. Sure there won't be any funding, but how the chance of admission is, I don't know either.
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