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  1. trippp

    Trenchant advice on doing well in a science phd

    I didn't want to spew my life story when all I was after was books about how to be a good researcher/scientist. Since you must know , I will be starting my phd at mit's bioinformatics and integrative genomics program.
  2. Hello all. I'm going to start my science phd in the fall and am already a little nervous. I realize that the entirety of a science phd experience cannot be summarized in a book, but i would like for you to recommend some books with sound advice on how to do well in a science phd. I found the following useful: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0465022227/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER Any other books you can recommend?
  3. i find myself contemplating the same thing. i am earning a lot as a software engineer and would like to continue to work in software (10 - 20 hours a week) outside of my academic research when i start my phd. quite a few phd students have told me they find a good balance between their research and part time employment. so i would say "go for it" if you, like me, are the kind of person who needs to have multiple things in the air in order to stay sane.
  4. can anyone give me advice on what to say and do during a phd admissions interview?
  5. hello all. i am preparing for recruiting interviews at two well-known east coast schools. the programs are bioinformatics phd programs. for some background information, i have a bs in math+comp sci and a ms in comp sci. my research is purely computer science-based and not bio, though i did take a number of biology classes in grad school. since leaving school, i've been working on next gen sequencing hardware/software. with respect to research, i'm interested in medical/translational genomics and statistics in relation to gene expression/biomarker discovery. any advice for preparing for my interviews?
  6. trippp

    2012 Interview Dates

  7. trippp

    going crazy over interview invites?

    you're not alone. i had sent in all my apps by mid-september. not a peep. i think it's safe to say the news won't be good if you're not heard from a school by the end of january.
  8. yes, speaking to them face to face likely won't be possible. my main concern is that i won't get any information on which aspects of my application they did not like.
  9. trippp

    Best LSAT Prep Material?

    hello all. i am preparing for the lsat and was wondering which company's prep materials you would recommend. using powerscore, kaplan, and manhattan, i've gotten a 720/6.0 composite/awa on the gmat and a 790/710/6.0 q/v/awa on the gre. do these companies produce equally useful lsat prep materials? do you recommend taking a course (i have avoided taking a course so far)? cheers.
  10. hello all. i applied to bioinformatics phd programs this year. while i have not yet received a rejection letter from my top choices, i do know that admissions decisions have already gone out. i'm operating under the assumption that i am not going to get into my top choices (this year). the question for me becomes how i ask the admissions committee about deficiencies in my application and how to correct them for a re-application. my story is somewhat complicated by the fact that i was admitted into MIT two years ago but had to defer my application due to personal reasons. so clearly, i know i have the grades/test scores/etc to get in. in the intervening years, i have worked as a software engineer at a top biotech company in the san francisco bay area. can you guys give me advice about asking the schools why i didn't get in and how to improve my chances when i re-apply? cheers.

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