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  1. That does sound like a really nice gesture. It might also be worthwhile to check if your university has any excellence awards for which this person could plausibly be nominated with respect to your interactions. The university I am currently at has awards for excellence in service, for example, and they solicit nominations each year.
  2. @fencergirl - I don't know if this is how it works for everyone, but in my experience part of the reason why you have an advisor is because you can bring ideas that aren't maybe 100% but are in the right ballpark, and they can use their many years of expertise to guide you. Some advisors are really harsh and difficult to please, so YMMV, but if you work with a reasonable person, even if they don't like your idea as is, they may help you to shift it in a good direction. Even as a fourth year, I went to my most recent advisor meeting with an idea for my dissertation. He liked it, and made a sug
  3. Eigen - I don't always find this distinction particularly clear in my field (cognitive psychology) because it is often the case that awkward writing and jargon obscure concepts that would otherwise be possible to grasp. Sometimes, I'm not sure if I'm missing something because I lack conceptual background or because the author has made that conceptual background really opaque when it could have been conveyed clearly. Now that I have a lot more experience, such that I am familiar with the concepts that these authors try to describe, it is a lot easier for me to pick out what they mean and recog
  4. To add to what danieleWrites said, my university makes a distinction between auditing and sitting in. That's not to say that it's the same where you are, but here people auditing the course pay a fee, but you can ask to unofficially sit in for free (not sure if this is a unversity sanctioned practice). Now of course, it is up to the instructor whether they are cool with you sitting in on his or her class, so you'd have to ask.
  5. My graduate program has a neuroscience-related doctoral program, and in my experience from that, other faculty in the department are usually not blind to these kinds of scenarios. We had a similar but not quite the same scenario where a tenure track professor in the department had managed to recruit a number of graduate students, but over the course of several years she failed to produce any publications, and the record length of any graduate student staying in her lab was 2 semesters. In her case, she was pretty verbally abusive, and she lost three of four graduate students within two semeste
  6. I JUST put my offer acceptance in the mail about an hour ago. I cut it a little close but not too close. I still haven't heard from one school but I don't really feel like I want to go there now after having a few months after putting in my application to think about it. I felt right at home at one of the programs and it's a pretty good match for my research, so I decided to go ahead and roll with it. It does feel so much better once you send in your decision. Now I just have to make it through the rest of senior year and the summer without going too crazy.
  7. I'll tell you I almost made a huge mistake, as I considered turning down an interview to a graduate school that I thought I wasn't really so interested in after all. Then, I visited and I absolutely LOVED it. I couldn't have anticipated how well I got along with the current grads and my potential advisor. There's something to be said about the feeling you get when you visit somewhere. It can really have an impact and you don't want to be stuck with people who make you unhappy for 5 years.
  8. I suppose this won't really affect my decision much, especially since this is only hypothetical, but say that I am accepted to two programs, one which is much higher ranked than the other. However, the smaller one is also very strong in the niche area of research that I am into, and the professors are highly published including in well-regarded journals, although the program itself isn't really on the radar. Aside from the better research match than some other programs, this program is really excited to have me in particular. The smaller program is also in a much better location at which my st
  9. I am pretty curious how things will be in graduate school as far as wearing my piercings will go. I have an interview and a scheduled visit, and I think for those I will take my eyebrow piercing out (which I can go a couple days without wearing at this point since I've had it so long) and wear a discrete clear retainer in my conch piercing as opposed to the large ring. I don't think that I should be judged on these things, but I usually err on the side of caution so that I don't put forth a bad first impression. As for new piercings or ink, I'm not really thinking that right now. I definite
  10. If you check the results survey, it seems like in previous years people did not get notified of acceptances into the physics program at UConn until late February. So I definitely wouldn't be freaking out.
  11. I had the same problem with UConn. For a few weeks, they just told met that they were still matching materials, but finally once all of the materials were definitely there and the status still said incomplete, I called and they switched it over for me. It's very likely that if they've already reviewed applications, it wasn't a problem since all of the materials were clearly there. The lady who I spoke to when I fixed my application status a couple weeks after the deadline said not to worry about it.
  12. I suppose I am probably too preoccupied with this, and my boyfriend teases me for spending too much time on this and similar websites, as well as lending way too much credence to what I read here. I am so troubled by this whole thing that I have started to do homework days ahead of time and am going to the gym regularly for the first time in my life because it gives me something to do other than sit at my computer periodically checking my email and status sites.
  13. Haha. A week or so ago I answered a call from an unknown number, hoping that it might be one of my grad schools. An older, confused sounding lady on the other end asked if she could speak to Inspector Campbell. Not what I was hoping for, but at least I got a chuckle out of it. (My boyfriend's response to this story: "Did you patch her through?")
  14. I was using online databases through my school's library like PsycINFO. I did look on her website which had some titles, but it didn't occur to me to click on the CV. Thanks for the advice everyone!
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