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  1. Accepted to the Neuroscience Graduate Program! My BF is accepted to the law school - his top choice! Couldn't be happier
  2. Hello All, I'm just writing to allay some of my anxiety of late. I applied to UPenn's Neuroscience program through the biomedical graduate group (BGG). Up until recently I've thought of it as one of my very top choices, but looking at some of the "results survey" entries are making me nervous. I guess I wasn't aware how stiff the competition for Penn really is. Anyone else out there who has applied, what are your thoughts on this? Have a lot of people heard about interviews? I'm curious to hear what others think. And if you wouldn't mind including a few things about yourself : What
  3. I applied direct to Neuroscience (not through PIBS, I don't think?) but I got a call from Michigan in December about my interview.
  4. I heard from Tufts Neuroscience yesterday by phone about my interview!
  5. eph630

    Baton Rouge, LA

    Traffic is seriously abysmal. Don't attempt to get on I-10 from 7am-9am or 3pm-6pm. Smaller cross streets and highways even get bogged up during lunch time and lock up during rush hours. But I have to say that you do need a car, unfortunately. Not a big fan of BR at all.
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