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  1. I'm headed to University of North Dakota's Clinical Psychology PhD program. Yaay.
  2. Hey guys, I got admitted off of the waitlist! There is hope! Best of luck to the rest of you, and thanks for your support during that nerve-wracking wait!
  3. I'm thinking of it more in terms of weeks: 3 weeks from Wed.
  4. I don't think they send official letters with waitlists--it's a waste of paper. Better to wait until admitted/rejected and send a letter then.
  5. I saw a person post on the results page about receiving admission into the clinical psych program at UND. If you're on the forums, can you tell me if you've decided yet? You can PM if you want. Thanks!
  6. I should maybe add that I already knew the waitlist was ranked from a conversation I had with the director during the program's interview weekend. Perhaps I should have expressed my interest as well, but I think that just asking where you're ranked shows interest.
  7. Guys, it's perfectly all right to ask what your ranking is. I just asked straight-forward: "May I inquire as to what my ranking on the waitlist is? Thank you." I got a response that was very informative and even a little encouraging. At this point, they already like you or you wouldn't be waitlisted. I think it's harder to screw that up than we convince ourselves in our anxiety; besides, if it's ranked, I don't know how easy it is to move you up or down anyway.
  8. You can't blame the current economy on just one person: Clinton, Bush, and especially Congress all played a role in it. Anyway, I'm probably only going to ask the schools where I got interviews.
  9. Better spot to be in than me--last I heard, I'm #5 on the waiting list.
  10. Yes, I'm waitlisted and been having terrible stomach problems ever since finding that out. I already have a bad stomach, but I seriously feel like it's getting shredded to bits more and more each day as I wait to hear if I'm in or not.
  11. As someone who is waitlisted at her last option, I am admittedly biased but please, please do not wait until April 15 unless you're waitlisted at another program or you really need that time to decide. But keep in the mind that the kind of program I'm applying to requires interviews (so most people would have visited already) and you can't hold onto more than 2 offers at a time, so...
  12. Aww, Emilee, I'm really sorry to hear that. But you may get off one of the waitlists, you never know.
  13. I see one of my recommenders a lot so she knows everything. I'm going to wait until I know about my waitlist results to tell my other two recommenders.
  14. I hear ya! My stomach is getting ripped to shreds, I swear. I've always had a bad stomach, but now it gets worse everyday.
  15. Yeah, the program I'm waitlisted at had 12 turn-downs last year. I only need 5, so here's hoping
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