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  1. peanutbutter

    write your own rejection letter!

    Kid, Stop kidding yourself. Sincerely, Somebody
  2. peanutbutter


    how do schools view re-applicants? are they common? are they seen as last year's rejects? what should an applicant do to justify a reapplication (e.g. i'm guessing an applicant should make strides toward improving areas of his/her profile that may have been weak the first go-around)? thanks!
  3. peanutbutter

    Im waiting to hear from..

    Duke Marketing UNC Marketing Any info floating around out there? :wink:
  4. peanutbutter

    "countdown to april 15th" thread

    i had resigned myself to just reapplying next year, but every now and then i get glimmer of hope that my wait-lists will come through. i wish they'd just reject me already so this wait can be over April 15th seems so far away!
  5. peanutbutter

    "countdown to april 15th" thread

    fuck it. i'm not waiting any longer to sign up for a gym. i'm clearly not moving anytime soon... always a silver lining
  6. peanutbutter

    STILLL havent heard from schools!

    anyone hear anything from duke marketing? unc marketing? :x :roll:
  7. peanutbutter

    waiting it out haikus

    excitement and nerves replaced by disappointment spirit will rebound
  8. peanutbutter

    ashamed to tell my recommenders

    i agree with ridgey! especially since i've been out of school for several years - though it doesn't feel like it. that makes the whole in-person thing harder.
  9. peanutbutter


    What is an "unofficial wait-list"? I called to ask about my status at my top choice school and they told me I was on the "unofficial waitlist"... Is this just an unranked wait-list? The run-of-the-mill waitlist? The who-the-fuck-cares-because-you're-not-getting-in waitlist?...Yeah, I guess you can see how I feel about the matter
  10. peanutbutter

    ashamed to tell my recommenders

    hi, if i don't get in anywhere - which is looking almost definite at this point - what do i tell my recommenders?! i feel too embarassed to tell them, as ridiculous as that may sound. anyone else been through this?
  11. peanutbutter

    2009 PhD results?

    i was supposed to hear from umd last wk. i will prob follow up today... still no word from duke, wustl, nyu & umd in some ways, i've resigned myself to utter defeat (wow - it's amazing they don't have a crying emoticon or something)
  12. peanutbutter

    Economic History

    Hi, I am interested in economic history (though I have not yet applied to any programs in this field). Does anyone have a sense of how big or small an area this is within history? I feel like it is one that might be growing but is more popular outside of the U.S.? Thanks!
  13. peanutbutter

    STILLL havent heard from schools!

    still waiting to hear from 4 schools, one of which told me they would let me know their final decision by last week (after a phone interview)! WTF?!
  14. peanutbutter

    Invited to interviews, then rejected...

    At my interview, they asked: "what can we do to make you come here?" Um, an offer would be helpful. And yet, I was rejected. Hard to make sense of the whole process sometimes :-/
  15. peanutbutter

    Anyone else regretting not applying to more schools?

    I think the limiting factor for me was recs! How many recs is an appropriate number to ask someone to do? Any guidance?

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