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  1. You don't plan to take the GRE again, but my advice would be to do it. Of course, you can take a few classes and get As and that is going to help but your GPA would still remain pretty low. GRE is the easier one to fix! My scores were similar to yours the first time I took it but then I practiced a lot, learned vocabulary and now my GRE is above the 90th percentile. It's all about practice and learning more words whenever you have a few spare minutes.
  2. blue

    W. T. F.

    I am sorry this happened to you. They should be a little more careful with those things, one letter is painful enough, no need for more. For one of my programs, I received 2 e-mails and one paper letter... and I was still in denial! :shock:
  3. I am in the same situation, I know how you feel. Not only that but I will be laid off in the summer. I'm reapplying this year and I did everything I could - I raised my GPA, GRE, research experience, I re-wrote my SOPs... They interviewed me everywhere and I have 0 offers!
  4. That's awesome, congrats! I'm one of the lurkers here, but I've been following the forum and I also know how frustrating it is to get a rejection after rejection while students with less credentials get in. It must be great to finally get on "the other side," you deserve it!
  5. I also agree with this. Sounds like it will be fine but since there is enough time for funding info to arrive before April 15, I wouldn't rush. Funding is important and they can't blame you for waiting to accept until you have that info.
  6. This happened to me last year and is happening again. They were ok with it last year but I don't know if they will be ok supporting me 3 years? :cry: But definitely go meet them in person and let them know that you are still very motivated to go to grad school and that you are planning to apply again next year. Tell them to keep their letters and that you will be asking for them again.
  7. They should totally accept you as a form of apology!
  8. You would have to find a job that offers health insurance. Group insurance is always better than individual health insurance. For example, you are less likely to be denied coverage because something could be a "preexisting condition."
  9. Yes... me! And my situation is probably worse, because I applied here for the second year in a row, I spend 40 hrs/week here, I got rejected after interviews, and based on the published data for the admitted students from last year: I have much higher GRE, average GPA, and likely higher major GPA (my major GPA is higher than my overall GPA), and research experience (2 schools, 3 labs, >2 years). :shock:
  10. That is a difficult decision, no doubt about it. I reapplied to the same programs this year (2nd time) and I still got rejected everywhere, despite having excellent credentials. The only difference is that this year they invited me to the interviews and last year they didn't. I would have applied to other programs as well but my personal circumstances don't permit me to move away from my city right now. I wish I had gotten into my choice #2, #3.... but I have nothing, and that's a really depressing feeling. I would be happy at any of these programs, that's why I applied there. If you decide to reapply, really make sure you have other options: are there other programs, other than your #1 and #2 choice that can offer what you want? If it really comes down to those two programs, I would play it safe and take what I'm offered. There are no guarantees in the admission process, and often it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. It's up to you to decide if the program that admitted you is really that bad and worth the risk. I hope it all works out for you either way!
  11. Thanks for the hugs, I needed some. Good luck!
  12. I am sorry Dontuse. I also don't wish this on anyone and I feel a little better knowing I'm not alone. I hope it all works out in the end for everyone! This year, next year - it just has to. Unfortunately, for me this is round two. I got rejected everywhere last year without any interviews, I didn't pass the GRE cut-off. Now I have the right GRE scores but they still don't want me. I tried so hard, I waited, I hoped, I planned... they advertised their programs, made it feel so close within my reach, told me my application was impressive... and then...
  13. There is a trend with my applications that I really don't understand. I thought that maybe someone would have suggestions, because this is very, very puzzling to me. Here are the facts: I applied to four programs. I was invited to interviews for all programs. I have two rejections and two programs never contacted me back, I know one of them has admitted students long time ago. Basically I don't see anything about the way I talk, dress, or look that could be bad. I got compliments on my professional clothes and looks. By Fall 2009 I would have more than 2 years research experience, including 1 year full-time. I trust the writers of my LORs, I'm sure they sent me great letters. At all programs there are plenty of professors whose research is a good fit for my interests. My stats are above average for the admitted students of last year for 3 of the programs, about average for 1. I come from a large, public school that doesn't have great rankings... but if that was a problem, why invite me to interviews? I just don't get it, what else could I be missing? I really don't understand why they give me such false hopes and then... nothing!
  14. Thank you all for your replies! I took your advice and sent short, personalized e-mails yesterday. Then I got one response, the worst it could possibly be... I'm rejected. :cry:
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