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  1. Hi all! I wasn't 100% about starting this thread in this topic -considering that there's a "Jobs" form-, but in the end I think I'll get more info/thoughts here than there :-) So, is anybody thinking on applying for the 2012 UN YPP? Any thoughts/suggestions? Which track are you applying for? Has anybody applied for the YPP before? If so, any suggestions on material, books, papers, etc., that would helps us prepare for the exam. Can you describe the process (interviews, length, etc.)? Thanks!
  2. Who's else is heading to Syracuse this summer/autumn?
  3. Game theory can be cool, but it's going to deman a lot of calculus and statistics (and nowhere near introductory courses) if you want to focus on that. A good introductory book is Osborne, An Introduction to Game Theory
  4. Maxwell is pretty generous if you have a relevant background. Full tuition + Stipend is not unheard of there ;-)
  5. I rejected my offer from G'town on Sunday, so there's one more spot for those that were waitlisted!
  6. domnulsl, I also applied -and was admitted- to the MAIR, but a MPA 2002-03 student sold me the program very well hehe. So I might request to transfer (or add!) to the dual degree program !
  7. Hahah! Sure I will! When do you plan to move to SYR? I was thinking about late July, early August... :/
  8. This week I was notified that I was selected as a De Sardon Glass Fellow! I applied for the MAIR program, but plan to apply for the dual program MPA/MAIR Who else is attending SU this Summer/Fall??
  9. I agree with you; also, GU has always been my dream school... :/ Although I am willing to take on debt, I was (ideally) expecting some aid from the University, since right now I can't borrow 130+K that would cost me to attend GU
  10. Following on my previous post, I received today the official offer of admission; no financial aid was awarded :/
  11. Sure I can! If you want to know anything else just let me know !
  12. I received an offer of admission today, yay!!!! They say that the official offer and any financial aid awarded is going to be available in the coming days on Apply Yourself!
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