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  1. Question: do graduate schools send official paperwork by post for us to accept or decline the offer of admission? (I know some schools have a place you can do it online, but the school whose offer I plan to accept does not...) I already e-mailed the DGS from my department to accept the TA position I was offered, plus printed out the TA offer letter and sent in a signed copy. All that was pretty clear and straight-forward, but the official letter of acceptance I received was separate from the unofficial acceptance/TA offer letter and it didn't say what to do next or give any indication of how to accept their offer of admission. Am I just being terribly impatient/irrationally concerned that I haven't received anything in the mail yet? I received the acceptance letter in the first week of March. Yes, I'm terrified they will take the offer back if I don't say yes quickly enough. Plus, the acceptance won't feel at ALL real until I've signed my life away and paid my deposit. True story. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks, myriadways! I think we'll take all the glimmers of hope we can get. And by "we" I mean those of us still waiting...I've not gone quite batty enough to refer to myself in the plural just yet.
  3. No information here, although I'm curious to see if anyone else knows something. However, according to the results survey from previous years, it looks like Duke English usually sends out rejections both before and after some acceptances, and I haven't seen that happen yet. Of course, it's possible that Duke is doing things differently this year, but I'd like to think the adcom is still making decisions, since rejections haven't started flooding in.
  4. I could so hug you for this...thanks for keeping the hope alive!
  5. Yes! I just received another one this morning, making two in less than 24 hours! Yeesh. Just reject me already! This teasing is so not cute right now.
  6. This. I had brief moment of euphoria followed by a crushing sense of disappointment. Sad day.
  7. Duke Lit does interview invitations, but Duke English just sends out acceptances/rejections/waitlists, right? I think she mentioned that she applied to Duke English, so her acceptance shouldn't have anything to do with a campus visit or interview. Am I understanding all this correctly?
  8. The new Duke postings look like they are from the English program, rather than the Literature one, right? I wasn't expecting Duke English to announce until the end of this week (going by the results board for last year). Hmmm....
  9. Hear, hear. As someone going through this process for the first time, I think feedback would be incredibly helpful. I mean, what if I'm doing something completely wrong in my applications simply because I don't know better? Seriously, people, help a girl out.
  10. Eep!! I definitely hope/fear the notifications go out today...I'm ready to be put out of my misery (for one school, at least). C'mon, Chapel Hill!!
  11. BAH!! I just received YET ANOTHER e-mail from Duke labeled "Application Status." Seriously, all my stuff has been in since November. I KNOW it's all there. The first FIVE e-mails confirmed this for me, so please stop sending me automated messages that cause my heart to explode in my chest. kthxbye.
  12. I definitely need to start listening to some of the above-listed songs, but for the sake of comedic relief I would like to add a little gem my aunt sent me last night. Guess she knew I needed a good laugh. http://pbskids.org/rogers/songLyricsLetsThinkOfSomethingToDo.html Enjoy!
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