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  1. For me, I always go with, "I didn't apply to a back-up; I want to go to each and every program to which I applied, for different yet similar reasons." And I say this b/c it is true, and also b/c, as I do not like to be considered a back-up candidate for any school (I want to go the one that really wants me rather than the one that kinda wants me), I now extend that same sensitivity and tact towards my prospective programs. I also try to extend that same sensitivity towards others and refrain from name-calling, etc. when I don't agree with someone.
  2. I definitely found the wording of the OP to be offensive: I didn't get into a PhD program, so does anyone know of an MA program that I can apply to at the last minute as a backup? I think that's pretty insulting, although I know that it wasn't meant that way; otherwise, I would have been really snarky. In fact, I think it's best not to refer to anything [in general, even] as a backup, safety, etc., which is not only insulting but doesn't exist when you get to this level. While many programs are streamlined and only offer PhD's, others offer an MA and PhD; it is usually the case that, if
  3. Well, as another poster stated [on a different thread] there is no backup at the grad level: if you applied to PhD programs and didn't get in, then most likely, an MA should have been your first choice rather than a last-minute backup. This is especially true for comp lit programs, which are extremely competitive. And please remember that it is insulting to those that applied to MA's as first choices that you refer to MA's as backup degrees. In fact, most MA and PhD programs have the same deadlines and a lot of applicants apply to both so that they do not end up in such a predicament. Th
  4. Just thought that I would chime in that I am still waiting to hear from six programs (out of nine); I've received two official rejections, one interview and one acceptance with funding notification. I assume that at least two of the programs are implicit rejections b/c others have posted both acceptances and waitlist notifications from them. The day I got my acceptance, I nearly exploded with emotion: all I could think was, "OMG, no matter what, I'm actually going now." None of the schools that I've applied to are safety schools; I want to attend each of them, for different but similar r
  5. I am also waiting on UNC and UT for comp lit; both have already posted acceptances and waitlisters, so I imagine that they are done. It seems that schools are very principled about waiting until March to send out rejections; for whatever reason, March is rejection month, and I expect to receive both of mine then (and not a day sooner, although, apparently, the schools have already made their decisions).
  6. Well, if the funding is sketchy, and you already have acceptances at the other two places, then I really would move it to your "maybe" pile, although I have found that rankings don't mean squat; fit really is the determinging factor. Because no one wants to attend a high-ranking program for which he or she feels absolutely no affinity. Anyway, all of this is moo (you know, it's a cow's opinion, so it doesn't matter ( until you've visited every program and been accepted by them. I think that funding and fit (not just according to program but also according to city) should be your top priorit
  7. You've really got to visit Berkeley first; it is nothing like SoCal and San Fran is right across the bridge. And I say that being a diehard New Englander myself. Berkeley itself is suburban, though, so maybe it isn't a good fit in that regard. But I would be surprised if you didn't like it. You will definitely know after you visit NYU. The thing that concerns me about NYC is the expense, which I think will be far greater than at UPenn. Vis-a-vis your interests, I think that most programs have that kind of focus: it's never straight up lit--culture and history are woven into every program, a
  8. I think that you will know once you visit NYU. However, have you checked out the "Decisions, Decisions" thread as well as the "Cities" thread? You might get a lot of useful advice there... In the end, it depends on your personality. But also remember that you will have to be living in the city in which you are getting your PhD. You want to live someplace in which you are comfortable on all levels. If it were me, I would be torn between Berkely and UPenn; Berkeley b/c I already know (and love) it, UPenn b/c I already know (and love) it. I wouldn't even consider NYU b/c I wouldn't want to
  9. Is this really true, for all French departments? Why wouldn't they just accept a candidate that they wanted to attend? Mind you, I am seriously hoping that you are right, b/c if I get into the school with whom I have an interview this week, I will be over the moon! Still, I'm not going to get my hopes up; I am convinced that an interview means that they can always decide that I'm a completely inept dufus who looks better on paper than in person.
  10. I appreciate the aim of your post. However, I cannot agree with you. I will reiterate that I respect those establishments that recognize my potential/worth from the beginning and want a chance to cultivate it. What I don't appreciate are people and institutions who come along afterwards--after they have rejected me yet after someone else has given me a chance through which I have blossomed--to say that I have now earned their respect and a place in their program; it's arrogant, and I have loyalty to the people and institutions who initially see my potential and give me a chance versus those
  11. Really, I think you already know the answer to this: no. This is my second app season.
  12. Yeah, I'm definitely getting to the point where I am ready to cop an attitude with any school that waitlists me. Mind you, I wouldn't turn it down. But, just to maintain my self-respect, in the back of my mind I'm telling myself, "And now you're on my waitlist..." or "well, I don't want you if you don't want me; your loss, bozo" to any school that rejects me. If I didn't have this attitude, I would have blown my brains out a long time ago.
  13. That's something that I have always loved (and miss) about the Northeast: package stores that are willing to sell to minors and clubs/bars that don't care how old you are but how old you act. Those were, indeed, the days.
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