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  1. Yeah I'm just starting chapter 25 and some of the stuff so far is pretty detailed. I was able to finagle my way into doing an unofficial rotation starting july 9th (which you're apparently not supposed to do, oops) so I'm not sure if I'm going to do the bridge class or not, but I'd definitely like to since it seems like every little advantage will go a long way in the core course
  2. lol nevermind, Racael Holmes just sent out an email with it. Did you get it?
  3. they actually gave it to me in person when I met with someone down there after my interview. pm me your email and ill forward you the assignment and what textbooks you need
  4. So im officially going to maryland. Have you started that summer reading assignment? I've only read a couple of chapters so far. Do you plan on doing the bridge class too?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Like you said I love the atmosphere of a smaller lab where face time with the PI is easy to come by. It would make sense though that there would be smaller labs at Maryland too, since despite being a larger school, there are way more labs to choose from. Also if I'm not mistaken, we can choose labs from other programs as well, correct? So I think in total there is something along the lines of 150 mentors that you can choose from which is pretty amazing.
  6. So I've been accepted to U of Maryland School of Medicine Moleuclar Medicine program. However I'm having a tough time deciding between there and Drexel Medical College Pharmacology & Physiology PhD program. I was wondering if anyone here was in the program at Maryland and could give me their opinion. My main concern with Maryland is that since it's such a large program it might be easy to get "lost". If you're doing research in a lab with 20 other grad students, post docs etc it might be difficult to get some face time with the PI if you're having trouble with your project. Also, how do you pick your thesis committee at such a large school? I'd imagine you might be picking people you've never met, or people that don't really know who you are? Is it hard to get face time at such a big uni? I'm coming from a small undergrad uni so Drexel appealed to me since it had a similar feel. All the professors there seemed genuinely interested in me, and really seemed like they would advocate for their students after graduation. All the students seemed to know all the professors to some extent, and it seemed like they had pretty close relationships. Can this be said about larger programs as well, or are you more likely to be someone to pump out data for them and then be done with you? I guess when I really break everything down, I like Maryland more in just about every category (location, electives, choice of labs) except for the fact that I feel like I might just be "another student". I have this image of Ivan Drago from the rockie movie standing there and instead of saying "If he dies, he dies" saying "If he fails, he fails" and worrying that might be what it's like at maryland, but at Drexel the emphasize that they do everything to make sure their students are successfull since it's such a small program (they're only taking 2 students into the program this year)
  7. Im in a similar situation, deciding between drexel for pharmacology & physiology, or Maryland for molecular medicine. Maryland is the higher ranking school and has way more options for research and electives. However Drexel really had a small school, personal touch to it that I liked. All the professors really seemed interested in me, and talked about potential projects for me. I also had a very lengthy phone conversation with one of the professors there after my interview. I had emailed her asking if she could talk about her experience working in industry, and rather than just send me a quick blurb in an email, she suggest we talk about it over the phone, and talked to me for about an hour. They all seem very dedicated to their students at Drexel. So it really is a matter of big reputation vs high priority on you as a student
  8. So the day ended up flying by much more quickly than I would have thought. The first professor I met with was the program coordinator and really just gave me an overview of the whole program. I asked her the more technical question I had on the program itself such as class size, teaching requirements, target entering class etc. The only question she asked me was why I had picked that program. The rest of the professors I met with the only questions I was asked were to explain my research and again why I wanted to go to that particular program. It definitely helped to know their research because I had a few fairly technical questions thought out for some of them and it seemed like they were pretty impressed that I not only knew about their research but took some time to think up a decent question on their topics. The only curveball I got was the last professor of the day asked me what I would do if i was working on a project and had a solid question i was trying to answer, developed an assay, yet still wasn't getting results. And what he was really looking for was communication. He wanted to know that I wouldn't just be the lonely scientist pouding away in the lab, and that I would be communicating with other people in the field and the other professors in the department to try and troubleshoot. Over all I think everything went real well except for the fact that I mentioned wanting to work in industry as opposed to academia after my phd. Apparently they don't like that. Oh well, now I know for the next one. The program is only taking 2 students this year so I think that screw up could cost me, but they told me they would let me know in a couple of weeks, so we'll see.
  9. Was anyone asked to discuss ideas for a possible future thesis project?
  10. Which UMDNJ campus? I was accepted to UMDNJ-Stratford for biomedical science
  11. In regards to question 3, were they asking you to identify a possible future research thesis topic?
  12. I have an interview this week and I figured I would post what the school sent me for the schedule, and update how it went/what they asked etc after. Its a pharm/phys phd program. 10-1040 (meet with professor 1) 1045-1125 (meet with professor 2) 1130-1210 (meet with professor 3) 1230-130 (lunch with current students) 145-225 (meet with professor 4) 230-310 (meet with professor 5) 315-355 (meet with professor 6) depart. Hopefully I'll be able to talk about my reserach enough to fill out a good amount of time, and have enough questions for them about their research.
  13. In the first (and only, so far) acceptance letter I received, it stated I had until Feb 3 to inform them of my decision otherwise my application would be "inactivated" . I accepted even though it is not my top choice, just to ensure that I have somewhere to go in the fall. Was this the right move?
  14. What level of detail were you asked to go into when discussing your research? I'm sure this will vary with each interviewer, but were you typically asked to go into a fairly detailed account of the project, or more of just an overview of the objectives of the project and what role you played in it?
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