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  1. Great thread! I'm not enrolling in a IR program, but the info here is quite helpful! Like others, I know how competitive funding is, so I am extremely thankful for any financial aid. Yet, I worry about how future goals will be affected by this choice. Right now I'm trying to decided between funded American and (probably) unfunded GWU. I would love insight from others! My major hangups: 1. Reputation worth the cost? I already have a professional degree (law), but escaped with relatively little debt because I chose the "lower ranked, more funding" route. Because of the field an
  2. CML55

    Oxford, MS

    Oh. And people are ridiculously good looking, if you care about such things. Let me know if you have any questions!!
  3. CML55

    Oxford, MS

    Not sure about the west, but all the Northeastern or Midwestern people from larger cities that I knew then or know now did/would go through minor culture shock. . . So Oxford has two types of ppl, retirees and college kids. During breaks (thanksgiving, etc) it is dead. If I remember correctly, most undergrads were from MS or the south, and I know a good portion of its professional degree population (law, medicine) were grads from ole miss, but a fair percentage of my grad TAs in the sciences or in humanities were from all over the US and international. Great Things: - Rent and cost o
  4. Thanks for the tips! As I said, the example wasn't a real budget
  5. So, like many, many others, I will be a poor grad student living in an expensive city this fall. With or without funding, it might be diffiult to estimate what personal expenses may be in a different, more expensive city. The budget estimates schools provide are helpful, but who knows how much they are under or overestimated. So, I think it'd be great to hear thoughts, plans, experiences from grads who actually live in expensive cities (DC, NY, LA, etc.) or who are looking to move soon ( Esp to DC! ) and need to keep expenses down. There is a thread about living of stipends in general
  6. I got in have you heard anything re: funding? i have to committ before May 4th to another program.
  7. Glad you enjoyed it! No doubt you'll love it there. I'm still waiting to hear back, but it's great to know the classes are great. Thanks for the update!
  8. CML55

    Oxford, MS

    I went to Ole Miss for undergrad. Are you generally familiar with 'the South'? Be easier to explain if I know you're frame of reference. . . .
  9. Congrats on getting into two great programs! I saw the program at LSE as well, but thought, even if I could get in, building experience and a network in DC is key for the work I want to do. I hear GW's network is amazing, btw. Do your career aspirations allow for more flexibility?
  10. I would add that because RC is half of the verbal section, that you should also really focus on learning to parse difficult reading passages. Read online articles from the Economist or science articles from a major newspaper, as I think most people find the dense science-based passages the most difficult (unless you of course are in science). Also, pick up a novel that's a little hard, but not arcane, and make sure to look up every word you don't know. Try something by Kazuo Ishiguro, as I found his books make good use of some words found on vocab lists. Finally, I would advice focusing on h
  11. It was an interesting session, but the director sounded a bit unsure about the direction of the program, which was a tad disconcerting. I'm curious what makes you say GW would be harder to do part-time while working. Don't they have evening classes too?
  12. nope hating myself for that one . . . and according to email asking about the process, they don't review again until after the next deadline (April 1st). Are you still on the fence about which one you'll attend? I 'attended' an online info session from JH that somewhat colored my opinion of the program. You should check it out. Hmm. . . . they said it would be posted, but I'm having trouble finding it . . .
  13. Congratulations! That is amazing! I am officially immensely jealous! how long did it take you to hear btw?
  14. Wow, that site is great! Congrats on the interview, too. I'll def. be looking at this site closer to fall, although I'm leaning more towards policy advocacy. Sorry to pump you for info, but are you using a specific site (outside craigslist) to find places?
  15. This is so helpful! I'm like you--It only makes sense to go to strong programs, especially if you view this as an investment. I'm not in DC, so it's been interesting trying to wade through the marketing and ascertain which programs are the strongest. I think because JH doesn't have a full campus in DC, I was worried the program would not be as strong, but in retrospect that makes absolutely no sense bc it's in DC, where the most qualified faculty and best resources would be! So many thanks for the insight on JH, esp from an employer's POV. I'm definitely looking to work during school, t
  16. Great stats. I didn't go to top 10 schools or anything, either, so I wonder what bearing that has at a school like GW. Depending on my results, I was going to apply to JHU, too, though I'm beginning to think I should apply right now anyway. Program looks great. How do you think it compares to GW? And why not American?
  17. Masters. 3.6 undergrad gpa and 3.8 law school gpa 158 GRE I assume the standards for PHd are slightly higher than Masters?
  18. Wondering if anyone has applied to and/or heard from programs in political communication namely from George Washington (Media and Public Affairs) or American? Like most people here, I'm obsessively worried my stats aren't good enough .
  19. Wondering if anyone has applied to and/or heard from programs in political communication namely from George Washington (Media and Public Affairs) or American? Like most people here, I'm obsessively worried my stats aren't good enough . . .
  20. I know this is late, but the areas are extremely related! I have a similar issue with law and political communications. I am framing by referring to law research and papers that directly related to the function of political communication. Did you study anything particularly relevant topics with your master's degree? I know there are a plethora of research areas in the law that deal with international relations.
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