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  1. A nice article giving hints and tips regarding verbal reasoning section of the revised format of GRE. http://www.revisedgrecracked.com/2012/01/verbal-reasoning-in-revised-gre.html
  2. Found a very useful article while browsing which mentions the GRE requirement details of the top 50 Universities in US. It also has some very interesting and particularly useful articles: GRE cut-offs for top US Universities
  3. Found this article which specifies a list of US Universities which does not consider GRE as a mandatory requirement for admissions. List of US Universities not requiring GRE for admission Ideal list for you if you have a low GRE score and wish to study in US. But, recently GRE scores are asked in F1 US VISA interviews. So, do not skip the GRE.
  4. My revised GRE score is as below Quant: 163 Verbal: 156 AWA: 4.0 I studied for 30 days and it was sufficient to get me this score. With more time and right kind of preparation, you can achieve an even higher score. I have compiled all my preparation techniques in this blog - http://www.revisedgrecracked.blogspot.com/ Hope it helps for your preparation. All the best!
  5. nikhilshelke

    Good GRE study books?

    I believe the Official Guide to revised GRE from ETS is sufficient to take the GRE. For additional practice, you can take Kaplan and Princeton. For a more comprehensive list of books click on this link: http://revisedgrecracked.blogspot.com/2012/01/revised-gre-books.html
  6. nikhilshelke

    GRE Score,Scoring, etc. Please Help

    The revised GRE scoring is now as follows: 1. Verbal Section: 130 to 170 score scale 2. Quant Section: 130 to 170 score scale 3. AWA: 6 point scale For more information on revised GRE scoring, click on this link: http://revisedgrecracked.blogspot.com/2012/01/revised-gre-scoring-system.html

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