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  1. RT @espn: Denzel Valentine is the AP Player of the Year, the first Spartan to win the honor. He beat Buddy Hield by 3 votes. https://t.co/…

  2. The Breast Milk Elixir https://t.co/avsu9o4Ihu
  3. Definitely experiencing an academic crush right now! #Nutrition #PhysicalAnthropology #Breastmilk
  4. No better cure to a long Monday than coming home to a happy puppy! ?
  5. I need help deciding which is the correct program for me. I am interested in both Nutrition and Public Health (Maternal and Child Health or Global Heath specifically) but I am not sure of what to pick. I've only been able to find 3 schools that offer the dual degree: University of Tennessee, Tufts University and Saint Louis University. Does anyone know of any other dual degree programs? For the MPH Nutrition programs there are a lot more options like Loma Linda, Colorado, University of Washington, University of Minnesota and others. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Did you get your acceptance letter by email or mail? I saw your post in the results page. Can't believe its the only one. Hopefully everyone else will hear back soon. Thank you! I applied for the Medical Anthropology program in both of them.
  7. Has anyone heard anything from UPitt or UConn? @whoneedsfreetime: I was one of the rejections from UWash. My application page redirected me to the decision letter when I hit status. If you don't see that yet it might be good news!
  8. Where in the webpage did you see that University of Washington is not accepting applications for the other subfields? I know their budget was cut.
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