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  1. Hey guys, I got invited to interview at Dartmouth for the PEMM program March 2-4. What I'm wondering is the admission rate post-interview. They said they'll email you within 2 weeks of interviewing regarding their decision. But since they're paying nearly $800 per student (flights, hotel accomodations, food, bus travel, etc.) per interview, I would assume they've pretty much made up their minds already. It seems like a huge waste for them to spend hundreds of dollars just to decide later they don't want these people. Med schools don't pay a penny for you to come in for an interview, after all. According to recent statistics here: http://www.petersons...3825_10088.aspx 24 of 128 applicants were admitted and 15 of those chose enrollment. Based on the email list I received, there were 30 interview applicants (including me) for Fall 2012. So, are we basically assured a spot provided we don't massively blow the interview? It seems like no more than 20 people will ultimately choose enrollment anyways. Does anyone have any experiences with this?

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