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  1. Hey Andrea! You are talking about Colfuturo right? I'm applying for this year PCB. Did you apply last year or you are applying for this year too? Also about the OAS loan you have to be in the US to apply right? That's what I had understood, since they ask for your I-94
  2. Well I think you should commit somewhere else and just wait to see what happens at Yale! In my case I'm already commited to Duke and I'm starting visa paper work and all. I stayed in the wait list because well why not? Is not gonna do any harm. And if by any miracle I get off the wait list and get a bigger fin aid package that the one Duke offer me, then I'll think about it. I guess I'm mostly curious now to see what happens. To everyone going to Duke. How are your housing plans going? Do you have any recommendations about which area will be the best to live? I don't know Durham at all, so I'll appreciate any advise!
  3. I just got the official email saying that the class is filled! But that the wait list will be open until July! I'm going to Duke anyway, so for you who are going to Duke I will see you in the fall! I guess this week the Facebook group will be open and we can get to know each other better! Best of luck to everyone!
  4. I have no idea! Also I thought the official deadline was April 15th. Wasn't it?
  5. I heard that they gave a deadline extension to some people to accept admission, so they wont make any desicions until beginnings of May at the earliest. Also, I think they are gonna contact everyone on the wait list when they start making desicions
  6. They normally accept around 220 students to fill a class of 140. If 140 or more accepted admission, I think people from the wait list wont be taken in to account. Who knows what happen this year....
  7. Oh wow, so no spots are going to be offer? Oh Well, I'll see you at Duke:)
  8. To the people wait listed at Yale. Has anyone hear from them? If so, could you post it here! Thanks!
  9. Thank you so much for the info jbr00ks9!!! Good luck to all of you going to Yale! I confirmed my enrollment at Duke as well! Does someone know if the tuition deposit must arrive there before May 1st? I hope I can get some extra fin aid... I emailed Mr Scarfo, but he hasn't been very good replying my emails (0/3) so I might try to write to someone else, but not sure to whom. I got 12k so not sure if they will give me more....
  10. Thank you so much for all this info and welcome to the forum! It is the first time I hear about this certificate, I'll definetely look more in to it. Do you know if you can do it in any especialization? EE or EEP? Again, thanks for sharing this great info!
  11. I'm also going to Duke (unless Yale surprises me). To those who are also going to Durham, when do you plan to start looking for houses? I'm wondering how hard would it be if I wait until mid July, when all my visa papers are ready.
  12. Thanks to all for the info about Duke! Did anyone go to Yale's open house? And to those who went to Duke, same question as above about cost of living expenses, if you can please share what you learned about this from current students. Thanks!
  13. Did you hear anything about funding for the second year? Is it easier to find other ways of financial aid once you are there? And by expensive, you mean living expenses? Because tuition at least is cheaper than UMich Thanks!
  14. Welcome and thank you so much for all the info. I'm going to Duke this fall most likely, unless Yale takes me out of the wait list with a bigger fin aid package that the one Dume offer me. My focus in sustainabiliy in industrial and energy Systems with a big component on the business side, so I'm planing to mix classes from EE and EPP. Do you know anything about the sustainability focus on Duke, did they say anything about this or about mixing two specialization areas? Thank you and good luck in your choice. In UMich after the first term you could probably apply to GSI and these awards/assistantships have a full tuition waiver.
  15. Aw! I really hope so Cam_12! Thank you so much for letting me know! Just out of curiosity what's your background? I know they will call people from the wait list depending on what they are looking for i.e internationals, work experience, Ms students etc, Again thank you so much!
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