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  1. I got rejected by Sonoma State University - MA CRM - Was my dream school. I got into Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff - MA Anthropology (Archaeology) - Second choice I am very lucky; these are the only two schools I applied with and my first year applying. Sooo luckly.
  2. Thanks, kriskros. What do you know about NAU? How is the faculty? What is the student to professor ratio? What is the traffic like and is there any public transportation?
  3. I am attending Northern Arizona University in the fall and I want to know what it is like there. I have lived in southern Arizona for a few years and my undergrad was completed at University of Arizona in Tucson. I was wondering how different Flagstaff, AZ and Northern Arizona University are from where I currently live and have gone to school.
  4. I felt the same way when I got accepted in February. I thought perhaps there was a clerical error and my school would be calling to pull their offer. It is weird the stuff that goes through our heads when we feel we are lacking. But my younger sister is already finishing up a PhD and she said what we are feeling is normal and the majority of your cohorts are in the same boat with feelings of inadequacy. My sister should know, what with her PhD in Psychology.
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