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  1. Yes, everyone has to do the Re Vera check. Does anyone know how you know the check is complete? I received a hardcopy acceptance letter in the mail a few weeks later, and was wondering if that was it.
  2. I'm not sure; we had it on a weekend in April, so that's probably why they didn't mention it. I think they'll just do their regular orientation in August.
  3. Yes, I attended. If you have any questions, please send me a PM. Would be happy to fill you in!
  4. Yay!!!!! Congrats! Will you be heading to campus for the admitted students event this weekend?
  5. Thank you!! It absolutely is excruciating! Please keep us updated. Hoping for good things also!
  6. Thank you very much! You as well. I do hope you will find out sooner than later! The waiting made me so nervous 😕
  7. Ahh, I know exactly where you are. Fingers crossed and wishing you the best! Please let us know when you hear back!
  8. Thanks very much! Are you waiting for a decision now?
  9. Just got a decision via email. I got in! 😊 I applied in the off-season (last October), so it only took a day to get marked as received. Perhaps you could give them a call? I'm sure they are so busy. I totally understand; it would make me anxious, too. Best of luck!
  10. Yeah, I did the one school thing this year, since I'm currently working full-time. I'm so, so anxious.
  11. Yep!! Been waiting since I submitted in October... 😕 I sincerely hope they don't take a peek at how many times I've gone to the portal to check...lol. It's getting unbearable though. The decision could come any time between now and the end of next week.
  12. Still no word and my anxiety is getting the best of me, since I applied back in October for the NYC track, 12/1 deadline. 😩 I ended up switching to SF track in early January after speaking to the advisor, which is a 1/15 deadline, so if they stay within their noted timeframe, the end of next week would be the latest I could hear back from them. Still losing my mind though. LOL.
  13. Not yet. Did end up switching program paths, so it's likely I'll hear back in the next few weeks.
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