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  1. First post! Pianist here. Going for the MM. I have no money so financial aid is a big deal. I've been admitted to Michigan, NYU, Boston Conservatory, and Georgia. Waiting on Mannes (no decision yet) and CCM (waitlist). I got rejected to seven other places, but that's neither here nor there. Georgia is offering a full ride with an assistantship and a stipend. NYU is offering an assistantship only, which does not cover living expenses (in NYC!!) Michigan is offering a big fat $0. But they are asking for the details of my other offers, because "funds may become available." I don't know what to think of this. BoCo hasn't gotten back to me with financial info yet. Hopefully some of you have been in similar situations, and can answer my question: is it worth it to go into debt for NYU or Michigan? Is it wise to go to Georgia for purely financial reasons, when I have been admitted to marginally ritzier places? Has anyone else had to make the decision between a funded safety school and an unfunded dream school? With the experience you have now, what would you choose if you could make your decision again? Help!
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