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  1. How convenient is Reynoldsburg to campus (w/ a car)? It's 15 miles away and google says 20minute drive, but I was wondering if traffic made it more like an hour or something. Also, anyone heard of Northland Arms Apartments? It looks to be northeast of Clintonville.
  2. It seems like unless you're living in the undergrad area, things are expensive around campus (at least for the midwest). The impression I get from research is that the place I'm looking at is in a "bad" part of town, but I've lived in two of what are considered the most dangerous parts of my current town and have gotten along fine. In fact, you get more luxuries for your money if you live in a bad part of town I find. Just...don't leave you apt at night...or linger going from apt to car after dark
  3. I am looking at a place ($330 studio in a apartment community) that is 15 miles from campus, google says a 20 minute drive. I don't like the idea of renting a room in a cut up Victorian house (cooking is important to me and the kitchens look horrifying, if they are there at all), and all the "grad student" areas are beyond my price range. All I have is my stipend and I don't want to take out loans. Is the commute worth it? Does the traffic (I70 and 315) double the commute?
  4. I've actually recently declined one, another I'm still waiting to hear about financial aid, and the third is the one I'd accept (barring better FA news from other school) if I don't get off the waitlist.
  5. This IS the waiting forum. I would expect multiple posts about the same thing. How many ways can the angst of waiting be expressed? A lot of repetition there.
  6. YES!!! I'M DYING SQUIRTLE!!! Please decline..now... However, I'm an asshole sitting on a few offers waiting to get off a waitlist, because I don't want to screw myself if I don't get off the waitlist. It is a tangled web we weave.
  7. I'm #3 on the waitlist for my first choice (English MA), and I was given a lot of positive but vague encouragement. I got a letter that says "we usually accept several candidates from our waitlist." I hope several means more than two. However, they also said they may not know until April 15. I've been looking back in the archives, and a #2 was notified on the 10th and a #4 was notified on the 14th. How long does it usually take for the waitlist notifications to start? Do most declines come from schools just not hearing from people by the 15th? That always seemed rude to me, to just not respond, but I've gotten the sense that a lot of people don't formally decline. When should we expect to hear? I'm going a little crazy waiting. I'm hoping I know before the 15th, because if I don't, I'll accept at my second choice just in case I don't make it. I'd feel awful bad to have to retract two days later because I was accepted but it took a couple days to sort things out. It makes you wish people would just decline already, but here I am sitting on three offers where there are waitlists behind me, so I'm the asshole, too. So, what does everyone know?
  8. We could freeze ourselves until April 15. Then again, we might wake up in 2546 where our disciplines have been rendered obsolete. And otters will be at war with humans. My second choice is the program of my own undergrad, so likely I'll keep waiting to hear from my first choice (#3 on waitlist) until the big day, and if I hear nothing I'll walk into the graduate office of home school at 4:55 and plop down my acceptance form. Then, if I do get accepted at #1 school after April 15, I'll ask for a release letter. I'm in pretty tight with the faculty, the head of graduate admissions is my surrogate advisor and has nominated me for a ton of things, so I think they would be cool. You've got to go where the rankings are and I know my guy understands that. I hate to play it like this...but WANT! #3 on the waitlist for god's sakes!
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