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  1. Be yourself. No one will judge you based on facial hair, if they do, eff them.
  2. I find phone interviews to be awkward because it's hard to read the other person's cadence. It almost never goes smooth, especially on cell phones, I feel as though I am always stepping on the other persons words and vice versa. Don't sweat it, a lot of PI's like to talk, and talk, and talk...
  3. to the person who got the phone interview from Pitt for the developmental program. Please PM me!
  4. Hi, anyone heard back about interview for dev. programs, if so anyone interviewed either in person or by phone yet?
  5. Thanks! I am going to have trouble not driving myself crazy.
  6. Can anyone who has been through the process before give some ball park time frames?
  7. Not sure, I think it is different for everyone. I will say this, I think it is best to close in a strong and memorable way. Also, how is everyone's word count? I am wondering if mine too long, almost 1500 words,
  8. Breezyd - where are you applying? If you don't want to post, feel from to private message me. Good luck! Sodapop - Yes, there are many, many programs that provide full funding. You are correct though, it is much more difficult to find data for previous applicants (GRE, GPA, etc). You might want to email the individual programs if you are concerned.
  9. 1 Month till GRE take 2

  10. That is an interesting question. I would not get too bogged down to methods/process type stuff, but instead I would talk about something you learned and also make sure to effectively convey your research interests in a specific way. What programs are you applying to? Good luck!
  11. Surprised that there are not more people applying to Developmental Psych programs!
  12. I got similar scores. I am going to retake Nov 1
  13. Hey - Thought I would start a thread for anyone who is applying to developmental programs for fall of 2013. Where are you applying? Where are you in the process? Have you contacted profs yet?
  14. Serious lack of motivation...

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