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  1. What are the pros/cons of each? Which one should I pick? Specifically, 1. Which would be better if I want to transition to a PhD? 2. Which offers better job prospects? After this cycle's many PhD rejections I've faced, I'm on the fence about getting a PhD. 3. What about the program/department/school/city? Is Chicago really that unsafe? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hi. I was wondering how much the school a person studies/studied at matters when they apply. I ask this because I'm an international student and I'm pretty sure adcoms will not know my school/department/professors well enough (or even at all) to gauge me. Additionally, it seems like I'll end up doing a masters and I'm trying to figure out if which school I go to affects my future applications i.e a school in the UK vs. one in the US. Thank you.
  3. My American cycle is over and I'm relieved. I still have Oxford to hear from though. Time to make decisions now. All the best, everyone!
  4. Thanks for the update. Gosh, I hope we hear soon. This waiting and uncertainty is not doing me any good.
  5. Did you all apply directly or get in after being passed over for the phd? Cause I'm still waiting.
  6. What is happening with Chicago? Weren't we supposed to hear back by today? The results board has CIR/MAPSS acceptances and rejections already.
  7. I'd love an answer on this too. My professors have told me that getting a job in the field is virtually impossible without a phd.
  8. Already got into Kings and LSE for Masters programs. Still waiting on Chicago. So yeah, I'll do a masters and then apply again.
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