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  1. The only reason I am panicking at all is that I have heard of some schools having February 15th or March 1 deadlines and I don't want to be waiting around until its too late.
  2. After getting my CMU rejection I am feeling a little disheartened about my chances of getting in to a PhD program this go around. Are there any MS applications that are still open?
  3. Rough day for CMU rejects, myself included. My email said rejected from the Computer Science Program, but I applied to Computer Science/ Neural Basis of Cognition and Machine Learning/ Neural Basis of Cognition programs. I'm not exactly clear on what I was rejected from, or if it was from both.
  4. So I am in a similar boat, but I'm applying from Biomedical Engineering, so its a little bit closer. What I found is that, for masters programs, its important to make sure your grades and test scores are good, which it seems like shouldn't be a problem, that you are passionate about the field and can demonstrate that in your SOP, that you have a particular interest in something related to CS and are not just going in blindly, and that you have the necessary prerequisite courses for admission. In general, the necessary courses are: Basic OO Programming (C++, Java typicall) Data Structures Al
  5. Just trying to get a feel what everyone is looking for.
  6. For what it's worth, I'm applying to CS PhD programs with a BS in Biomedical Engineering. I have been doing research in bioinformatics for the last two years and in my statement of purpose I discussed this and stated that I wanted to work with similar faculty. Schools were pretty lax about requirements since I was more interested in applied work than work in system design or architecture or something like that. I did take all of the requirements that were listed above, but I took several of them on sites like coursera.
  7. That's what mine says too.. It also says my GRE was received on 1-23-13 even though I sent it on 12-3-12..
  8. I think a lot of schools are still working through applications. I am in the same boat as you though.. I am very nervous now. I just got my first interview offer yesterday so that was a big relief. Even though my BS will not be in CS and not at a great school, I applied to mostly top 30+ programs so I am a little stressed out. I know at least two of my recommendations are glowing so that is a plus I guess and I have good research experience with two first author publications in the process of being written. Your profile seems good enough for a top 20 program. I wouldn't worry abou
  9. Where do you see the "under review" on brown application?
  10. Hi Im looking into PhD in CS programs and I was wondering what tier of schools I should apply to? I am in Biomedical Engineering. Overall GPA: 3.5 CS GPA: 3.8 GRE: 166/149/4.0 Researching in bioinformatics lab for 2 years not. 2 3rd author publications, 1 1st author publication under review, 3 abstracts accepted to conferences. Should have 3-5 recommendation letters that are glowing. Do I have a shot at top 10? 20? Thanks!
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