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No safety in my list?


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I am applying several graduate schools in US.
Would it be hard to get admissions from any of the schools below? here is my profile

Status : International / B.S degree in Industrial engineering in Top 10 school in my country / Currently working for National Army as an info/signal officer 

Research experience : 
1. worked as a research intern in school laboratory for 8 months mainly conducting data analysis and R coding for data analysis.
2. Independent research in the lab about startup valuation.
3. Research interests : high-dimensional data analysis, statistical modeling

CGPA : 3.33 / 4.0  Major GPA : 3.66/4.0 
TOEFL : 103 
GRE : V157/Q168/W3.0

LoR : one from academic advisor and lab professor(strong), one from applied stat/data analysis courses professor(strong), one from Operations research course professor(good)

Relevant courses : Calculus1(C+) Probability and Statistics(B) Applied statistics(A) Quantitative analysis(A+) Data mining(A) Operations research(A+) Linear algebra(A+) Discrete Math(B+) Statistical Resasoning(B+) and other many courses provided in industrial engineering at least better than B+ grade

And below is my school list-all masters
Harvard(data science), Berkeley(Stat) , Michigan(Applied stat) , Purdue(stat) , UIUC(industrial eng-analytics) , GA tech(analytics) , Northwestern(analytics)
UCLA(statistics) , Columbia(statistics), CMU(MISM BIDA) , Washington at seattle(industrial eng) , Johns hopkins (applied statistics), UC Davis(stat), UC Santa Barbara(stat), Duke(statistical science), Minnesota(stat), Florida State University(stat), Rutgers(stat)

Concerns : low GPA and not good math/stat GPA, weak math/stat courses
But strong GPA in upper major courses and data analysis courses and relevant research experience.

Could I get admissions from those schools with this profile?
I ll be waiting for your comments.
Thank you.

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