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For 2019: How to figure out where to apply


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This came up in another thread, and I realized that I could make it available for people who are applying in the future.  So, my gift to you is: The ability to compare universities, Apples-to-Apples.




This spreadsheet allows you to determine the characteristics of a university that are important to you and how important each individual characteristic is.  Then, it allows you to put in the various rankings, make them all apples-to-apples comparable, and spits out a ranking.


I only used six criteria, but you may very well have more, so I created 20 columns so that anyone who was really particular had enough space to work.  Of course, it'll work with more, you'll just have to add them on your own.


Remember, this is only a start.  Ultimately, if you discover that your top ranked school is someplace you really dislike, your happiness for your graduate program will also affect your success....so once you have the quantitative number, apply your qualitative brain.


If you use this (even if it's many years from now), let me know. :-)





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