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Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology vs Masters in Counseling: School Psychology Credential


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Hello, I'm interested in becoming a School Psychologist. I plan to apply to a Masters program this fall 2018. Currently finishing my bachelor's.

My question is: Is it better to apply to a program that is a Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology (Ed.s) or Masters program in Counseling: School Psychology Credential.

I really would like to go to CSUEB because they offer the Masters in Counseling: School Psychology Credential Program with Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure but I'm assuming these programs are different due to one being a Educational Specialist degree and the other being a Masters in counseling.

Are there pros and cons to applying to a Masters in Counseling: with School Psychology Credential compared to applying to an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology? (Ed.s) Whats the difference? 

Is it possible that employers look only for people who have an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology vs people with a Masters in Counseling: School Psychology Credential?  

Do they offer better pay to those who have an Educational Specialist degree? Thank you. 

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Hello! I am also finishing my bachelors, and I’m applying to school counseling programs. I went back and forth on school psych vs counseling for a long time and I met with a couple professors who gave me extra info! 

The first thing I would say is that it depends on your state. I would check government websites or maybe linked in or something to see what type most people who are employed as school psychologists in your state have. 

Also, in my state usually school psych programs are 3 years and counseling are 2 - are there a difference in length between your programs? Which would you rather do? 

The nice thing about doing a counseling program w a specilization would be the option to “change your mind” and do something else. 

I would also check on accredation with the counseling program and the school psych concentration. Does it give you licensure to be an ESA? If so then it probably doesn’t matter. 

However, Ed.S. are typically what most school psychologists have so there is a good chance that they might favor someone who has that title over someone who has a similar degree to a school counselor.. if that makes sense. 

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