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Summer museum internships


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Hi everyone! Can you guys share about your internship experiences as undergraduates? 

I am currently applying for internship positions at MoMA, Guggenheim, Whitney and SFMoMA. Anyone currently interning or having interned in these places? 

I am new to the site and thanks in advance! 


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Hi! I don't live in the US so haven't personally interned at these. A friend of mine was at MoMA and really enjoyed her internship, but if you're looking to start a career like she was (she was there following an MA) there isn't much hope of getting hired out of the internship, but great obviously for the experience!

I'm now on the other side of hiring at my company, and I'll say that the cover letter really is important, as the CV lists skills and previous experience but the cover letter is your chance to show examples as proof of those skills and show what you can bring to the role for the benefit of the company. 

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Thanks @FreakingOutFragonard! That's really kind of you to offer insights as someone doing the hiring job. I am currently applying to museum internships in the U.S. and BOY IS THE COMPETITION INTENSE. 

I had no idea internship opportunities appeal to so many post-MA students, and so was really bummed out when I found out I was competing with so many qualified candidates with far stronger academic backgrounds than me, but it's always worth trying. 

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Of course it's always worth trying. Also, try for some smaller and local museums, don't just go for the big names.

Some of the best internships I did were in small companies who weren't used to having interns. Instead of doing a whole lot of filing/admin work I was able to work on interesting research projects and learned a lot about the business that bigger companies keep secret to interns. 

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