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Starting to get the flu days before I fly out for my top-choice interview...


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So I’ve been on three visits so far, but they’ve all been back-to-back weekends, stressful, and exhausting, and I’m starting to come down with something. I know my body well and it’s definitely the beginning of something flu-like (respiratory issues, sore throat, etc.). I woke up today starting to feel off/like I was sick, but I fly out for my last interview weekend this Saturday-Wednesday. It’s my top choice and I was so excited to be interviewed, and I’m devastated and don’t really know what to do. I paid for my own flight and was supposed to get reimbursed a few hundred dollars but now can’t change my flight because of where I booked it. I know the flu season is really bad this year, and I’m scheduled for a long haul of events Sunday through Wednesday, including several hours of hiking with my prospective lab. I usually am in excruciating pain when I get sick for a couple days due to an immune response, and then after that stuffy, hacking cough-y, maybe feverish, etc so I don’t know if I’m going onto be able to get through it without really obviously being super sick. I’m worried and don’t know what to do- will it look worse if I infect everyone in the department when I know I’m sick? Or will I lose my shot at my dream school/career if I try to reschedule? Should I just wait it out and see?? Please help- I’m frustrated, and really really scared that my shot at my dream school/PI is wrecked because of the stupid flu.

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My suggestion would be for you to haul ass to the doctor, tell the doctor to give you the strongest stuff they've got, and then hope you get better. That being said, I do NOT think anyone would be upset that you didn't fly out and infect them all. You could maybe even reschedule. Good luck!

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Tamiflu!!!!  Go to your doctor asap....if you start Tamiflu right away, it might keep you from getting full blown flu. I know this, because the exact same thing happened to me this past weekend. My husband came down with a bad case of the flu last Monday, and I was scheduled to attend recruitment weekend at my top choice program on Thursday. I was taking care of my husband and scared as hell that I would get sick. We both took Tamiflu and my husband got better after only a few days, and I managed to not get sick at all.

I know what you're going through...it is so frustrating and stressful. I'm sending all of the positive vibes I can your way and hope everything works out! 

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