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Hi everyone,

I am considering some institutions for the next application cycle (Fall 2019), and I came across a PhD program offered by The New School. The program is the Public and Urban Policy PhD. Does anyone have any experience with The New School? It looks like funding is scarce and tuition is high but the alumni seem to have pretty great careers in social research and academia. How is this school's reputation nationally or on the east coast? is it comparable to a private school in the west coast like USC or Pepperdine? or lesser known? thanks in advanced for input. :)

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Sorry for this super late response -- I am new to the forum.

I am in my second and final year of graduate studies at The New School. I am in the arts/entertainment/business side of things, not government or policy, so my experiences are slanted towards that. But here they are:

1. I love The New School. My courses are interesting and leas towards practical applications of what we learn. Most of my courses produce at least one professional-level piece for a portfolio, which is amazing. We are also encouraged to pursue our own interests and develop materials to support projects we are working on outside of school.

2. With very few exceptions, the faculty are fantastic. They always have time for you; always remember you after your class has ended; are always happy to help, offer guidance, etc.

3. I had a 3.87 coming out of my undergrad plus 10+ years of professional experience in my field, including significant international work. Zero funding. Not a thing. And tuition is EXPENSIVE. About $15,000 per semester before books and other materials. Plus, the cost of living in (or near) NYC.

4. Frankly, a lot of people don't know about The New School. But then, a lot of people do and are very impressed by it. Most people I speak with know it as an arts school. Many see it as up-and-coming and avant-garde: a response to more classical art and film schools. I'm not sure that I would compare The New School's reputation to that of Pepperdine, but it does seem to be respected in the right circles. I am currently talking to a few potential schools for PhD schools, and they all know The New School and seem to respect it.

5. My biggest complaint about The New School is that the admin has a tendency to be disorganized, so something that should take one email takes five. But it has never impacted my actual education or class selection. My favorite thing about The New School is the strong emphasis on practical skills. Yes, you learn theory; but you will also learn to apply it.

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