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PhD in Business/Management - USA & Canada Unis

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I couldn't find a separate thread for Business/Management applicants, so created this.

I applied to 3 USA and 4 Canada Unis. My area is Strategy and Organization. I have received two interviews so far, and no news from the other 5 schools.

Eager to know where the other candidates are in the process.

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I applied to 7 US schools and 2 Australian/New Zealand Universities. My area is Strategy & Organization too or Managerial Economics! I have received 2 interviews and an offer for the Economics, although the funding is not decided yet for the Economics program. I have not heard from the non-US schools. I am expectant for the best and wish you the best also. 


Waiting and hopeful for the best..

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Nice to meet someone who is applying to the same area as I am. I am currently a nervous wreck who hasn’t heard back from the two schools interviewed with, and is going insane playing the responses (which are starting to sound all wrong and stupid with every passing uneventful day) over and over in the mind.

just waiting for the misery to end :-(

thnks for your good wishes and wish you the very best as well!

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Hi Human Being,

I got accepted at one of the two! The other one has still not released their final offer. I suspect I am being waitlisted without them being explicit about it. I think I will accept School #1's offer.

How've things been going for you? I wish you the very best!

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I got accepted in three, deadline for one has already passed, so I declined that. 

I am just walking through the "guilt" of declining the offer, the coordinator was really nice to me!

I have an offer from the school I'd love to go though. I just have not accepted yet. Cold feet of going back to school. yikes!


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