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Reapplication form for graduate school

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Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has ever reapplied to schools and did a reapplication form? For one of the schools I'm reapplying to they sent me a reapplication form which pulls up all your application materials from the previous cycle. I did send the school updated GRE scores and course I retook letters of rec and a new essay, but I wanted to know if the reapplication form is necessarily a good thing, and if anyone has gotten accepted after doing a reapplication form. Any information helps Thanks!

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I don't think it's a bad thing.  it's probably moreso to makes things more convenient for you and them, so that way you don't have refill out things like your undergraduate college, address, phone number, etc.  all you have to do is just update the things that have changed, such as your LORs, statement, if you've taken anymore courses, etc.  thus making it easier on you.  

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