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Interviewed - Others heard back, I have not.


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Hi everyone, 

So, I'm a bit confused (aren't we all?). 

I applied to a program and was contacted by a PI that thinks I am a good fit for his lab and said, in his email, phone interview, and in person interview, that he has a spot available for me (actually, he's looking for two students - he is funded) and that I'd be a great fit due to our similar research background. I went through several interviews with him and others, interviews went really well and received positive feedback. However, the decisions were supposed to be sent out late last week and others, in different concentrations in the same program, that interviewed heard back with positive news - I haven't heard anything. However, this PI emailed me again (same day everyone heard the good news) and told me (without my asking) that he hadn't heard from the program, yet. So, am I insane for worrying (a distinct possibility) I may be chasing something that doesn't exist, or am I really being led on and I've been rejected behind closed doors?

I have a Masters (3.9 GPA) in a related field.
3 years research experience. 
2 theses (thesiseses? :P)
1 publication
1 undergraduate grant proposal
2 presentations, 2 more coming in the next 2 months. 
2 years teaching experience. 

The others who have heard their acceptances are in different concentrations, but I believe the *overall program* decides who gets in or not. The whole situation is odd, considering the overwhelming positive feedback I've received save for the crucial, "Hey, you're in and funded!".

Any thoughts, opinions, misgivings are welcome. Cheers. 

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My PhD department was similar in that the overall program decides who gets in or not but there are a few different concentrations that make recommendations individually. I think they basically rank their candidates and provide rationale on why they want those candidates and then the program as a whole decides on who gets offers, keeping in mind some sort of balance (but not always, sometimes a concentration may only admit 1 or 2 students if the other concentrations have much stronger candidates). Then, it's up to the concentrations individually to notify their people.

Since these other news come from other concentrations, I wouldn't read too much into it yet. It might be that the program as a whole has already made the decisions but since your PI isn't on the committee, he doesn't yet know. Perhaps your concentration has delayed notifying its candidates for some reason. It could be that the person in charge of sending out notifications is away right now. Or, it could be that they are still working out some details for a couple of applicants (funding, etc.) and are waiting to notify everyone at once. Or, the program as a whole has made some decisions but not finalized yet, so they haven't announced anything yet.

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