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Economics PhD George Mason University, how hard to get an acceptance?


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I was reading about George Mason and their economics program. I find interesting the Austrian approach, classical liberalism and public choice as their strength.

Anyway, how hard is it to get an admission? I mean, from what I read, they have a pretty high acceptance rate (88%) and a low enrollment (66%). Is it true? 

Anyhow, I am applying to it. I am an industrial engineer from Brazil and I made a research about institutions and Elinor Ostrom here. My SoP was telling about that and some other minor projects regarding that subject. 

What are my odds?

- 158
Quantitative - 165
AW - 3.5

TOEFL -  105


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I also applied to George Mason. I've heard that it's not hard to get an acceptance if and only if you have a really good fit with their research topics and methods. Also, I have been told that their financial help is scarce, so the real acceptance is their funding.   Where did you read those rates? 
My GRE : Verbal - 166, Quantitative-165, AW-3.5, TOEFL:108

Good luck! 
(I hope to hear from them soon...)

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Hey! Thanks for replying!


Here is the link! 

Hmmm... The only thing I am afraid is that the ones from my letters of recommendation although being my professors, they are not related directly to GMU. I have heard that is ideal to have letters of recommendation from people that actually know the faculty from the university...

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