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Is this a good, fair, or poor funding package in anthro?


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I’ve been offered a funding package for a MA program in Corvallis, Oregon. Tuition is waived with a .30 FTE teaching assistantship (I think this is 12 hours/week) with a monthly stipend of $1,131 from September through June. The letter says that I’d receive a notification about assistantship renewal.

Is this offer good? Fair? Poor?

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It depends on what you would be paying in rent in Corvallis. If that cost is around $700/mo, then your stipend seems livable, although tight. It's hard to say without knowing what your other expenses are.

My current MA stipend is $1,650 in California where rent is really high - I pay $1,200/mo. Food is expensive too ($300/mo for groceries) so I don't have much left over after those costs. It's possible to be resourceful though - for example, my campus has a great food pantry, I buy clothes at thrift stores & alter them with my sewing machine, etc. 

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