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Post-Grad Jobs in UK for Social Science Students

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I am considering a MA in Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights at UCL or a MSc in Gender at LSE. Both programs would be cheaper alternatives to my US options which are MSW programs at UMichigan and UChicago. My question is: is it really that impossible to find work in the UK if I'm not in finance/business/STEM? 

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In my experience, it is incredibly difficult for non-EU citizens to find work in the UK, especially outside the tech/STEM field. None of my friends on Tier 4 visas were able to find employment that would sponsor them for a Tier 2 visa at the end of their studies. This of course doesn't mean that work opportunities are not out there; it just means that you will have to work very hard to find and be prepared for disappointment. 

You would receive an *excellent* education at either UCL or LSE; just be prepared to take that education back to the US with you. 

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