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Hello everyone,

I am considering making a list of pros and cons for all of the programs I am considering, so that I can make a final decision. I am guessing that others might be doing the same. Any thoughts about important stuff to include on such list?

Some ideas to start:

-Length of Funding
-Teaching Duties
-Style of Teaching
-Diversity of Course Offerings

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-faculty supervisor availability (is there someone with a deep connection to your AOI who is available to supervise? Are they a good fit for you? Are they friendly/kind/compassionate?)

-supervisory committee availability (is there more than 1 person in or around your AOI who can fill out a committee?)

-job prospects after graduation 

-quality of life (non-academic, ie do you like the city, cost of living, etc)

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- Department Culture (e.g. is it competitive and toxic, or friendly and collaborative)

- Conference travel funding

- Dropout rate (how many admitted actually complete the program?)

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