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UPenn GSE or Columbia Teachers College?


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So I've recently been accepted to both UPenn's Urban Teaching Apprenticeship and Teachers College Elementary Inclusive Education program.  I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of both programs, but I'm having trouble deciding!  At UPenn I would be getting a Pre-K-4 certification, and at TC it would be 1-6.  The UTAP program would be a one-year program, and TC would be two years, or one and a half if I accelerate.  Both programs give the opportunity to earn a Special Ed cert alongside Elementary.  Right now I would say I'm leaning towards Penn but I also know that TC is very highly regarded in the field of education, whereas Penn is not as well-known.

Help!! Anyone else struggling with this decision?? 

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Where do you plan on teaching? -Do you plan on living in one state over the other *or* does your future state accept one teaching license over the other? (for example, I can go from Illinois to Texas with minimal paperwork but Illinois to Colorado is paperwork + tests)

Do you have a teaching degree or license already? If so, which program will build on areas you want to strengthen or learn more about?

Which population do you want to work in and does the program offer partnerships within those communities?

And lastly, which gives you in-classroom practice and an actual mentor? The most valuable part of my undergrad Ed studies was my practicum time and student teaching and mentors are a HUGE part of that. ...but if you are leaning towards staying in academia, then look at advisors over teaching partners.

As for type of certificate, that's up to you. you can always get endorsements down the line, almost all teachers take free or almost free classes to add on early childhood or middle level endorsements. Props to you for Special Ed, I work in a blended classroom right now and do not have that special *thing* necessary for Special Ed full-time.

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