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Does this message hint that I'm accepted?


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Hi everyone! Could you guys help me out in deciphering a message I received concerning one of my applications? I think I have an idea of what the person is trying to hint at in the message, but don't want to get too excited in case it later turns out I was wrong.

I recently mailed the Associate Director of the program I've applied to, to inquire about when can I expect the result of my application. He had, in an earlier mail, mentioned that the results would be out by mid-February, but apparently, they'll not release the results for another 1-2 weeks. In response to my mail, he wrote this


Based on the second paragraph, and the fact that this is a Professional master's program with no research or thesis component involved, would I be wrong to assume that he is hinting that my application has been evaluated positively? Also, as mentioned earlier, the concerned person is the Associate Program Director and not a Professor, so I guess he didn't mean that he'd like to work with me in a research capacity. 

This program is near the top of my list, and it would be wonderful if I really was admitted. What do you guys think?

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