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Deferring acceptance

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I actually deferred my acceptance last year, a  few months after I had already accepted a spot. They accept deferrals on a case-by-case basis, so though most websites say that deferring isn't an option, if you have to do it then you can always ask. They were willing to defer my admission, but couldn't guarantee my scholarship, promising instead that I would be reconsidered the next year among the other applicants. This year, I reapplied to a few other schools just in case, and so far haven't been offered funding from the original program. 

So, I did have to go through the application process again in the end (for other schools) which was somewhat less stressful than the first time around but still not a fun time. Taking this year off was absolutely the right choice for me, and even if I can't go to the original school I have options (some better financially anyway) than I would have had the first time around. I've taken this time to travel, while still doing relevant work, and am thankful for a break from classes and studying, but I'm excited to get back to it in the fall!!

In the end, even if my school didn't allow me to defer, I would still be glad to have taken a gap year. It wouldn't be the right choice for everyone, but those are my two cents :)

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