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Anyone applied for the biomed PhD program in Rutgers medical school in Newark?


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Anyone applied for the Ph.D program in Rutgers medical school in Newark? Have you get any notifications from them?

I took part in the on-site interview on 23th Feb. After the interview I haven't get any notifications till now. So I wonder if anyone applied that program?

BTW, I also applied for a new program named "Quantitative Biomedicine" in Rutgers. I went to visit the school at the end of Feburary and like the program above, I haven't received any emails from them. Did anyone also applied this program?



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On 2018/3/22 at 11:37 AM, worried2018 said:

At this point you may be waitlisted. You should shoot them an email.  A month after interview is a good time to start reaching out. Best of luck!

Yes, you're right. I emailed them last friday and both of these programs have put me onto the waitlists. Hope someone will give up offers from these two programs.

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20 hours ago, worried2018 said:

@sLee_1024 Yes same field but different schools. I'm really hoping to hear back this week since it's the last week of March. Hopefully people who got accepted hurry up and decide.. 

I just heard from my friend in one of these programs that the admission comittee only gave 3 offers, and all of these 3 candidates have accpeted the offers, which means I have no chance to getting admission. And I think the other program is the same situation...

Feel very frustrated... This is my second time application.. The results of this time is almost the same as last time...

Although I have several offers, I think I will continue my gap year to do research assistant... Or I will quit research to do something else.


Hope you will hear good news from your dream schools.

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@sLee_1024wow they have only three positions.... Don't give up! It's not over till it's over. I heard people get acceptances well into July =_=;. Do you have any other schools that haven't responded back yet?  

One of my friends who is also an international student applied three times. She ended up getting her masters and got accepted into most of her schools. You can do it!

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