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University of Buffalo opinions?

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Hi! I'm a first year student at UB right now! There are 6 supervisors and they're all amazing. Very nice, supportive, helpful, and extremely knowledgable in their areas.   Between them all they cover the scope really well. One specializes in AAC, one in autism/social pragmatic, one in voice, one in child artic/language, one in accent mod/fluency, and one in adult language/medical (aphasia,TBI, dysphagia,etc.) We do on campus clinic the first 4 semesters, and then you do 2 different 6 week externships in any areas of your choice for the last semester. (There are no classes the last semester so you have the choice to do the externships anywhere you like) We are one of the only schools that doesn't do comprehensive exams which is a huge plus. You have the option to do a thesis but they in no way push it on you and most choose not to. We also have no classes or clinic on Fridays (unless you do voice banking) because they give you that day to catch up which is awesome. The first semester you usually only have 1 client plus Kindergarten/PreK screenings in local schools, which is very manageable. You have 3-4 weeks of inservices to help prepare you for the population you'll be working with. You also have a 2nd year mentor to help you with clinic and classes which is extremely helpful. The following semesters you usually 3-4 clinical assignments (I.e. A diagnostic team and 2-3 clients) We have a wide range of clients that come in the clinic but a Few of the unique clinical opportunities we offer are LSVT voice therapy individual and group sessions for a group of men with Parkinson's which is an absolute blast. We also are the only clinic in the area that does voice banking (working with ALS patients and recording their voice for them when they are first diagnosed so if when/they eventually lose their voice we can download their voice onto a device & it will be their own voice coming out instead of a random computer voice). We also do enrichment services at boys and girls club,  work with adults with developmental disabilities on life skills in the community, and do accent modification services at a seminary for priests who have moved here from other countries. In the summer we do a variety of camps such as a preschool language/artic camp in the summer and a social skills group for teens with autism. You will also participate on a diagnostic team at least once and do a variety of evals in the clinic (we just did a voice feminization eval for a transgender client which which was really cool). The clinic is old and fairly small, but it has everything you need (a materials closet, a preschool room, an adult/life skills room, 10 small therapy rooms, an audiology suite, and a computer lab). Some of the professors can be tough but the work is doable, but the best part about the program is the wonderful supervisors-which is great because in my opinion clinic is the most important part in grad school! Let me know if you have any other questions! 

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