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  1. I chose it because we start clinic right away. The clinical supervisors are really knowledgeable and supportive. we also have a special AAC class which not every program requires of their students. I have a bunch of other thoughts, that I could write a novel. If you want to know more, pm me!
  2. Hi, friends! I'm a current graduate student at University at Buffalo. I promised I would come back here this year to pay it forward, so here I am. If you have any questions about grad school in general or UB's program, feel free to reach out. I'm rooting for you!
  3. This is what I wrote in my emails: "I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my application for admission in the X program for Fall 2018. I was wondering whether you’d be able to provide some insight as to why I was not accepted. Was there a weakness in my academics, personal statement, GREs that I did not realize? Is there anything you could share regarding what I could have done to be a stronger candidate? Your feedback would enable me to be a stronger candidate in the future. Thank you in advance. " Best of luck!
  4. Hello! I'm currently an undergrad at UMass about to graduate! The majority of grad students live off-campus. Getting around with the PVTA (it's FREE with student ID) is really helpful since I haven't had a car for the duration of my schooling. It is doable to get to and from campus for sure. However, using it for grocery shopping and whatnot, can possibly be annoying. I've been on a meal plan all four years so I can only hypothesize haha. The majority of my grad student friends live at the Cliffside apartments, the Boulders, Mill Valley or in Northampton (sorry I don't know specific
  5. Here's the thread on Buffalo, NY on where to live https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/198-buffalo-ny/ You can also email your dept asking to speak to a grad student. I'm going to University at Buffalo , so I encountered the same thing! You may want to consider the the following: 1. Public transportation- do you plan on driving to campus everyday or do need to be accessible to public transit? Also the duration of your commute everyday 2. Do you want to live alone or with roommates? 3. What amenities do you prioritize? ie- parking? laundry? Best of luck!
  6. Hi, a couple of things really drew me to the program: the ASD/AAC track options, bilingual option, and Dr. Betty Yu. Her research is really interesting. Otherwise, just living/working in SF. Be aware that they are disorganized from what I've heard. There are a couple threads about it on here. Either way, I'm not going because it's not a fiscally responsible decision when I can get a really great education with in-state and walk out with 1/3 student debt.
  7. has anyone heard from SFSU? It is the last school I need to hear from and I just want to know before I make a final decision!! it's been my top choice since day one!
  8. Does anyone have any info on the University of Buffalo? I got an acceptance there and there's a big chance I will be accepting the offer
  9. Hey y'all, What can you tell me about Master's program at University of Buffalo for speech-language pathology program? Any opinions would be very appreciated, and any information you can tell me about the program would be so so helpful! Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi! I'm an Speech undergrad at UMASS, decisions should start being sent by next week, decisions will be on SPIRE, that's the tea from around the department. Fingers crossed y'all!
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